• Recipe for success: optimal pot for Optimel salad

    A different shape and a convenient lid make the SuperLock® pot a great match for a new range of healthy and tasty Optimel® salads from Friesland Campina produced by the Dutch company Royal Smilde Foods. Shortly after the product launch, sales figures are already ahead of forecast.

  • An easy win-win: new cake pack has improved recyclability

    Simply swapping black with a semi-clear colour has a significant impact on pack recyclability. This easy change is what Park Cakes, M&S and Superfos have made to produce a new look cake tub with improved sustainability. Now, the tub is labelled as ‘Widely Recycled’ in the UK.

  • Strong sales performance in vibrant tub from Superfos

    In a fresh and eye-catching seasonal SuperLift® pail, the UK company Tangerine Confectionery successfully re-launches the Barratt seasonal range – the UK’s favourite sweets. The pail is from Superfos and has a very strong shelf standout, leading to additional distribution in the market.

  • Organic dairy: Superfos pot makes good sense

    The Norwegian organic dairy Rørosmeieriet is keen on sustainability and has now opted for the innovative EasySnacking™ packaging solution from Superfos for yogurt with muesli topping and for sour cream. The look and feel of the pot supports the creative profile of the dairy.

  • New pails from Superfos renew the look of Carioca

    Carioca® felt-tip pens are now sold in UniPak pails from Superfos. The shape and the look of the pails perfectly match Carioca’s needs. In addition, the UniPak packaging solution is recyclable.

  • See-through: new pot is a window of opportunity

    The Norwegian dairy Synnøve Finden now offers a healthy new snack meal; a fresh type of curd cheese with fruit sauce underneath. It comes in a CombiRound® pot from Superfos. A handy spoon is in the lid and a circular window shows the visually exciting convergence of sauce and curd.

  • UniPak part of successful seasonal promotion

    A promotional pack from Superfos was part of a marketing campaign, successfully run around Valentine’s Day by the pioneering dessert producer Michel & Augustin, France. The promotion included a chance for customers to have a chocolate mousse-making event at their home.

  • New paint pail is a roaring success

    The Balkan paint company BAUklar has relaunched a range of high-quality paints and primers in a new pail from Superfos. The artwork decoration is an attention grabber showing close-up drawings of tigers with striking details and appeal. The key is In-Mould Labelling.

  • TINE: cooperation agreement ensures efficiency

    Norway’s largest dairy has entered a strategic cooperation agreement with Superfos and Kambo, Berry Global companies. The objective is increased efficiency, stability and superior packaging product development for an optimal end-user experience.

  • The Paintainer® pail is perfect for picky cats

    Cats like their food tasty and fresh, and it certainly is when it comes from the pet food company Petzeba in Switzerland. Now, in a Paintainer® storage pail from Superfos, the cat food is always ready at hand for the next serving − and it stays fresh for longer.

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