Renowned brewery chooses the reusable SuperCup

Renowned brewery chooses the reusable SuperCup

The French brewery Brasserie Licorne, known for its rich history and whimsical unicorn-themed branding, has opted for the reusable SuperCup from Berry Superfos for serving its cider and beer.

Since 2002, Brasserie Licorne has been providing its flagship customers in the on-trade market, including restaurants and venues, with the option of 25 cl and 50 cl reusable cups from the versatile SuperCup range. The goal is to enhance the brewery’s brand presence while also complying with the ban on single-use plastic cups, which has been in force since 2020.

Julien Schaendel, Brand Development Manager for Brasserie Licorne, says:

"We are very satisfied with this solution, which not only reduces waste but also offers unique opportunities for customisation and branding. The cups are imprinted with our brand logos and messages in high quality. Berry Superfos has demonstrated a deep understanding of our business, and our SuperCup beer cups have been very well received in the market."

Beer, cider and energy drinks for any event 
Brasserie Licorne's use of reusable cups is exemplified by the 2023 Rugby World Cup in France. For this event, Brasserie Licorne chose the SuperCup's reusable 50 cl beer solution, enabling them to serve Magners Irish Cider and Licorne Beer in customised cups at their flagship customers' outlets during the world cup.

This version provides a smoother transition and emphasizes the popularity and customization aspects of the Dark Dog SuperCup at music festivals.

Brasserie Licorne also offers the reusable 25 cl the SuperCup for their energy drink brand, Dark Dog, at various events and occasions.

"'The SuperCup for Dark Dog enjoys particular popularity at music festivals, where venue organizers can customize the cups to enhance visibility and convey unique messages,” Julien Schaendel says.

Offering brewers lightweight, reusable cup solutions
Brasserie Licorne's initiatives exemplify how the beer and soft drink industry can address the growing global concern over the environmental impact of single-use packaging by offering their customers lightweight, reusable cup solutions.

The SuperCup is at least 30% lighter than standard reusable beer cups currently on the market. It is made from recyclable PP, facilitating not just reuse, but also recycling after final use. Further, these cups are exceptionally durable and provide a distinctive reusable experience.

All cups in the range are dishwasher safe, featuring an inside stacking rim. They maintain a premium quality feel even after multiple uses. Naturally, these cups are designed to be stackable, minimising storage space requirements.

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