The reusable SuperCup is attending the Rugby World Cup

The reusable SuperCup is attending the Rugby World Cup

InfinyCup has partnered with Berry Superfos to equip two major stadiums with the reusable SuperCup for beer and soft drinks during the 10th Rugby World Cup being held in France this autumn.

The 10th Rugby World Cup has kicked off. 20 teams and 600 players from five continents are competing across France until October 28 2023. During the tournament, InfinyCup will ensure that fans at stadiums in Bordeaux and Lille can enjoy their beverages in reusable cups, in full alignment with France's ban on single-use plastic cups.

InfinyCup is a family-owned company specialising in reusable food and beverage tableware for big events. Their extensive network and expertise, particularly in the world of sports, means they were invited to present a solution for the Rugby World Cup. For this particular event, they partnered up with Berry Superfos and Stratus, a producer of In-Mould Labelling, to offer customised versions of the Berry Superfos reusable SuperCup.

Bruno Marconnet, the visionary behind InfinyCup, says:

“Since France's ban on single-use plastic cups came into effect, the pressure is on event organisers to find reusable alternatives for cups and tableware. We help event organisers to identify and establish suitable reusable solutions and are proud to be a trusted partner for the Rugby World Cup.”

A successful sprint built on trust
It was not until April 2023 that InfinyCup received a signed contract to supply cups for the event. As the Rugby World Cup kicked off at the beginning of September, there was a rush on the whole process. Bruno Marconnet says:

"We required a partner capable of rapid customisation and large-scale production. Berry Superfos fit the bill perfectly. After initial discussions, we established a sense of trust, and we visited their facility for further detailed talks. Trust proved to be the decisive factor that facilitated flawless collaboration and the punctual delivery of top-quality products. As the World Cup commenced and we both watched the first game from our respective living rooms, we exchanged congratulatory text messages with the Berry Superfos team."

Already a collector’s item for rugby fans
The reusable SuperCup has a beer-like design and is lightweight. It was imprinted with the official Rugby World Cup logo for the tournament, making it very popular among fans. Bruno Marconnet explains:

“The cups are designed for practical use during the event but now they have also become a collector's item for the attending rugby fans. Many of them take the cups home as souvenirs. Others take advantage of the option to return them to the stadium and cash in their deposit, in which case the cups will be washed and ready for the next game.”

Leading the way for reusability
The successful partnership between InfinyCup and Berry Superfos at the Rugby World Cup demonstrates how the event and food service industry can proactively transition from single-use packaging to reusable cups. By embracing lightweight, reusable solutions, the industry can reduce its consumption of virgin materials and align with legislation regarding single-use packaging.

The SuperCup sets itself apart by being at least 30% lighter than conventional reusable beer cups available in the market. Yet the cups are exceptionally sturdy and built to last. Crafted from recyclable polypropylene (PP), the SuperCup not only promotes reuse but also enables easy recycling after its useful life.

All cups within the SuperCup range are dishwasher safe, ensuring effortless cleaning. Even after multiple uses, they maintain their high quality and pleasant feel. These cups are designed for efficiency, featuring an inner stacking rim that allows them to be stacked neatly.

 "I hope we get the chance to work on another project with Berry Superfos sometime again soon. This was a big deal for our first outing, and it sets a great precedent for future collaboration,” Bruno Marconnet says.

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