A perfect cup for confectionery and fun

A perfect cup for confectionery and fun

Fizzy, a leader in the candy concept market in France, has opted for customised SuperCups for the beloved Madame Bonheur & Monsieur Costaud candy brand.

Originally designed for beverages, the reusable SuperCup from Berry Superfos is now making its mark in new territories. In France, these cups have just made their debut in the confectionery market, courtesy of Fizzy's choice to use them for Madame Bonheur & Monsieur Costaud-branded candy for one of the company's customers.

Madame Bonheur & Monsieur Costaud are the French counterparts of the well-known and immensely popular English characters from the Mr. Men and Little Miss books. A book from this series is sold worldwide every 2.5 seconds, with a total lifetime sales figure of 200 million books. Now, the iconic characters of the books can be found as toys and on chocolates and candy in a cup, the SuperCup.

Lightweight design and ideal for IML printing
Fizzy produces and distributes candy concepts in the shape of candy and chocolate products with accompanying containers and toys. The products are sold through supermarkets and other outlets. Crystel Cichocki, buyer at Fizzy, says:

"When one of our customers was searching for a reusable cup for products that we offer under our Mr. Men and Little Miss licence, we decided on the SuperCup primarily due to its lightweight design and perfect suitability for sharp IML printing. We also liked its durability, making it nearly unbreakable for young children.”

“We are very satisfied with the choice of the SuperCup solution since we already have a long-standing and well-functioning collaboration with Berry Superfos.”

Reusable, durable, washable and recyclable
In response to the growing demand for high-quality reusable packaging solutions in the food and beverage industry, Berry Superfos introduced the SuperCup range in 2021. These versatile cups, made exclusively from PP plastic, have found primary use in breweries, at bars and restaurants, as well as for large events. Surprisingly, they have now also proven to be a valuable choice for confectionery purposes.

The PP material used in these cups is not only food-safe but also recyclable at the end of their life cycle. Further, they are very durable and dishwasher-safe, maintaining a high-quality appearance even after multiple uses.

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