Beissier switches to 30% recycled plastic packaging

Beissier switches to 30% recycled plastic packaging

Beissier, a French producer of high-performance fillers and plasters, has transitioned one of its product lines to SuperLift® containers made with 30% recycled plastic and featuring the RecyClass label.

Professional painters can now count on receiving their top-quality plasters from Beissier, packaged in containers made with 30% recycled plastic (PCR). The authenticity of this claim is guaranteed by the presence of the RecyClass label on the container.

Before introducing the recycled-content container, Beissier had relied on the standard SuperLift®  container from Berry Superfos for their BAGAR Airliss series of plasters but needed to make a change to comply with their new sustainability policy.

Marketing director Alexa Leclerc at Beissier elaborates: "Packaging constitutes 10% of Beissier's total carbon footprint. As such, we are committed to minimising the environmental impact of our packaging. Adopting a new packaging solution for BAGAR Airliss is a crucial step in this direction."

The transition: same robust container – new raw material mix
Beissier embarked on the transition by collaborating with their existing packaging partner, Berry Superfos.

Alexa Leclerc says: "Berry Superfos proposed continuing with the existing container while adjusting the raw material mix to incorporate recycled plastic. This was an ideal solution because we were already highly satisfied with the qualities of the SuperLift®  container. Additionally, the Berry Superfos production facility we work with is RecyClass certified, enabling us to genuinely claim that the container is crafted with the use of recycled plastic."

RecyClass ensures reliable recycled-content claims
The Berry Superfos production facility in La Genête, responsible for producing the containers for Beissier, is RecyClass certified, ensuring reliable claims about recyclability and recycled content. RecyClass is a voluntary, cross-industry initiative to advance plastic packaging recyclability and promote traceability of plastic waste and recycled plastic content throughout Europe.

Stringent testing before implementation
Following an intensive development process, Beissier received samples of the new container for rigorous testing. It was imperative that the container maintained the same levels of sturdiness and performance as the standard SuperLift® . The test results were very positive, prompting Beissier to make the transition.

Alexa Leclerc points out: "We observed no difference in the performance between the existing container and the one incorporating 30% recycled plastic. The sole visible change was the container's colour, transitioning from white to grey. Now, all BAGAR Airliss products delivered in containers, totaling seven variants, come in the recycled-content container."

Crucial customer communication
Effective communication with their customers, chiefly comprising paint and paint accessory distributors, was paramount during the new container launch.

Alexa Leclerc says: "Our customers prioritise container quality to prevent breakage during transportation. Therefore, we emphasised to them that the container maintains its strength and qualities while their plaster product inside remains unchanged. Our customers needed to know that the only changes are the colour of the container and the fact that it now includes 30% recycled content."

The next step: transitioning the handle
Presently, Beissier is in the process of transitioning the handles of the containers from metal to plastic, enhancing container recyclability by achieving mono-material composition. As Alexa Leclerc says: "Many paint professionals currently favour metal handles, but this is set to change. We anticipate, in collaboration with Berry Superfos, that we will introduce a robust double plastic handle solution sometime next year."

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