Positive switch for de-icing product to recycled content containers

Positive switch for de-icing product to recycled content containers

IS-FRITT is a range of highly effective de-icing products sold on the Scandinavian market. Now, as part of its sustainability strategy, the producer behind the quality brand has switched the product to containers made with recycled plastic (PCR).

Although frosty weather and snow are beautiful and enable fun outdoor activities, they also come with the inconvenience of icy slippery roads and pavements. Luckily, this problem comes with a solution in the form of the de-icing IS-FRITT which vastly reduces the risk of slip injuries and accidents.

IS-FRITT is a best-seller in Scandinavia due to its effectiveness and the fact that it does not contain any additives that can harm animals and nature. Recently, Everbrand Sweden, the producer behind the brand, decided that it was time to take a closer look at the packaging solution for IS-FRITT. CEO of Everbrand Alexander Axelsson says:

“An obvious next step in our sustainability strategy was to change the material composition of the containers we use for IS-FRITT. Our goal was to reduce the use of virgin plastic for packaging and to use recycled material instead while also ensuring that our containers can be recycled again after they have been used for IS-FRITT.”

“We started out by discussing the options with our long-term packaging partner Berry Superfos. These positive discussions made us decide to stay with the same container as before but change the material composition of the container to include 50% post-consumer recycled content (PCR). Further, we changed the colour from white to an elegant shade of grey to strengthen the distinctiveness of the container.”

Part of PCR range
The container that Everbrand is using for IS-FRITT is called SuperLift® which is part of the Berry Superfos PCR range. It includes a broad assortment of containers that come in many shapes and sizes with up to 50% PCR material as standard. All the PCR range containers are mono-material – made of nothing but polypropylene (PP) – which facilitates ongoing recycling and circularity.

“We have always been very satisfied with the SuperLift® container and were quite relieved that Berry Superfos is able to deliver it with recycled plastic content in the material mix enabling us to stay with the same container. It fully meets our other demands as well: it is eye-catching, has high quality, is sturdy and stackable,” says Alexander Axelsson.

Read more about the PRC range her.

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