• Traditional taste in new award-winning pot

    Cans are traditional, and traditions are often hard to let go of. However, Cargill Brazil is very pleased with a packaging conversion in collaboration with market leader Berry Superfos from traditional metal to contemporary plastic for immensely popular Elefante tomato paste. Cargill Brazil values the technical expertise of Berry Superfos.

  • Kata Food: shape and success are well connected

    A different packaging shape and fabulous artwork decoration have led to optimised logistics and excellent shelf standout for olives and more from Italian Kata Food. The family owned business has success on several European markets, now reinforced with the square SuperCube® pail from Berry Superfos.

  • Recycled material is worth its salt

    A winter scenery in Switzerland looks like something from a fairy tale, but the reality is that Swiss roads must always be accessible. De-icing salt from Schweizer Salinen makes it happen, and now, in support of sustainability, the salt comes in a SuperCube® pail made with 30% PCR content (post-consumer recycled). The reusable pail is developed and produced by Berry Superfos.

  • Three reasons to sell wafers in Berry Superfos buckets

    One of the biggest ice cream producer in Romania, TOPGEL, sells more than just ice cream. Tasty, crispy wafers are in the product range, and now they are being sold in large quantities in plastic buckets from Berry Superfos. The benefits? Better shelf stand-out, enhanced logistics and possible reuse of the buckets in households.

  • Pet food: Hobbock container works a treat

    Cat and dog owners appreciate convenience and safe storage of pet food pellets at home. This is why a French pet food producer treats returning customers to a sturdy Hobbock storage pail produced by Superfos, a Berry Global company.

  • UniPak PCR container completes sustainable design

    Plants are essential for a pleasant and productive indoor climate. This goes for your workspace and for your home office. Now, the Danish start-up SQUARELY offers pioneering, sustainable and elegant plant boxes with UniPak containers inside – made with PCR, post-consumer recycled material.

  • New cup for pasta is ‘hot’ − but not burning hot!

    Italy is famous for countless attractions, including its great food tradition. Now, the taste of Italy is available via MakeGusto ready meals in a cup from Superfos, cleverly combining plastic and cardboard. As hot water simmers in the plastic cup, the outer layer of cardboard protects users against the heat.

  • “We like the attention we get from our new pot”

    A delicious dessert cream series from Michel et Augustin is now on shelf in France. Packed in a SuperLock® pot with eye-catching artwork decoration, it simply stands out from the rest and already looks very much like a success.

  • Vitax helps gardeners to reduce, reuse and recycle

    A leading UK gardening company, Vitax Ltd, has reduced the amount of virgin plastic in their packaging by opting for a special SuperLift® pail from Superfos, a Berry Global company. The new strong pail is made from 30% recycled plastic and, when empty, is fully recyclable too.

  • This strong appealing pot protects pure guacamole

    A minimally processed avocado product from the Spanish fruit and vegetable processor Avomix is kept safe, tasty, and fresh in a SuperLock® pot from Superfos. The pot is strong enough to withstand high pressure processing, eliminating the need for additives and preservatives.

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