Achieving optimal freezer safety for fruit juice concentrates

Achieving optimal freezer safety for fruit juice concentrates

Gat Foods needed new packaging solutions for their frozen fruit juice concentrates. The primary requirement was absolute freezer safety, leading them to select two distinct packaging options from Berry Superfos.

Gat Foods is a global supplier of advanced fruit-based solutions for the beverage and cereals industries, headquartered in Israel. The company recently approached Berry Superfos to explore freezer-safe packaging solutions for their high-quality frozen fruit juice concentrates. They needed two container sizes: 21 l for the BTB market and 280 ml for the BTC market.

Miriam Vider, purchasing director of Gat Foods, explains the motivation behind the company’s search for a new packaging partner:

“The freezer safety of the packaging for our frozen fruit juice concentrate is naturally extremely important. Previously, we experienced cracks, particularly in the lids and during transportation. Naturally, this resulted in claims and wasted produce. To address this issue, we set out to find a packaging partner capable of guaranteeing freezer safety for our frozen juice concentrates.”

Positive experiences in the past
Miriam Vider's positive past experiences with Berry Superfos from her previous job led her to approach the company and explore potential solutions.

"I had worked with Berry Superfos before and knew of the quality of their solutions. We received valuable insights from Berry Superfos and collaboratively developed the final packaging solutions. Additionally, we appreciate their outstanding service, especially having a dedicated contact person who is readily available and follows up on our queries."

Gat Foods ultimately decided on two Berry Superfos packaging options: the 21 l SuperCube container for the BTB market and a custom 280 ml version of the UniPak container for consumers.

New containers make automated palletising possible
Besides ensuring freezer safety, Gat Foods also enjoys additional benefits from the new packaging.

"Previously, due to the vulnerability of the lids to cracking, we could not palletise the large BTB containers with robots and had to manually seal each drum using a hammer. Now, we have automated this process, saving significant time. For the BTC containers, we achieved improved artwork quality through In-Mould Labelling, ensuring consistent colours and sharp images. Furthermore, the Berry Superfos pots boast an appealing even and smooth surface."

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