Berry Superfos leads the way in food safety and hygiene

Berry Superfos leads the way in food safety and hygiene

Discover how Berry Superfos sets a very high standard for food safe packaging, traceability, and quality assurance.

“Out of my 50 annual general audits, this facility stands out as the best," was the conclusion of the DNV auditor who, unannounced, BRC-audited the Berry Superfos facility in Gracanica, Bosnia-Herzegovina, in July. The auditor awarded the facility the highest possible rating: AA+.

This story exemplifies the Berry Superfos commitment to consistently uphold internationally recognised packaging standards and best practices in the food industry. The practical efforts encompass all aspects of food safety including product specifications, supplier approval, traceability, incident management, and product recalls.

BRC food safety certificates for 20 facilities
Today Berry Superfos boasts BRC food safety certificates for 20 production facilities, issued by the British Retail Consortium. Consequently, the facilities undergo external audits annually to ensure adherence to BRC food safety standards. Kjeld Nielsen, Divisional Quality Manager, Berry Superfos says:

"Via BRC certification and other measures, we remain committed to maintain high standards of hygiene and quality for food packaging. First and foremost, BRC certification gives us a very strong platform and provides our customers with guarantees regarding food safety, traceability, and quality, and gives them easy access to vital information. Given that our facilities have held BRC certification for many years, BRC compliance has become an integral part of our corporate culture. "

Comprehensive internal audits
To ensure the continued adherence and development of hygiene rules and improvements in line with BRC standards, Berry Superfos facilities are not only assessed by external auditors, but also undergo internal audits. The internal auditors offer guidance and support in best practices for all facilities. Further, the organisation undergoes weekly and monthly GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) inspections at various levels, ranging from front-line workers to the CEO.

Automated precision elevates hygiene standards
To uphold stringent food safety standards, it is crucial that a substantial portion of the Berry Superfos production lines either operate with full or partial automation, thereby reducing human interaction with the packaging materials.

Moreover, Berry Superfos maintains its own accredited food contact safety laboratory, where comprehensive compliance packaging tests are conducted to ensure the safety and suitability of the packaging for its intended purpose.

All in all, these measures ensure Berry Superfos is dedicated to the highest level of hygiene and food safety.

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