How to keep long-term bonds and still stay fresh

How to keep long-term bonds and still stay fresh

What is essential for strong bonds in business? Here is a story about the excellent business relationship between Choví, a leading Spanish convenience food producer, and Berry Superfos. Actually, it is more like a partnership which has lasted for decades.

Working with others outside your own organisation is a must for all of us. We regularly rely on external expertise in various fields and the choice of a supplier, for instance for your packaging solutions, is vital for the development of your business.

As a trusted plastic packaging supplier to Choví S.L., Berry Superfos is pleased to publish an interview with David Moya, Director of Logistics and Sourcing at Choví; a convenience food company founded by two brothers 70 years ago and still family managed.

What makes the business relationship between Choví and Berry Superfos so special?
“In fact, I prefer to call it a partnership rather than a business relationship. We work in tandem and enjoy a profound mutual understanding all the while looking for common development and leadership. Berry Superfos understands our needs as a convenience food producer and offers innovation, suitable technical solutions and supply options for our packaging.”

The collaboration with Choví started decades ago, when Choví was looking for plastic pails for mayonnaise and other sauces. In 2005, there was a need for a new packaging solution for aioli (garlic mayonnaise). After an intense design process, including several changes suggested by the Berry Superfos team in Denmark, the first injection moulded bespoke pot for Alli-Oli from Choví saw the light of day. A vivid yellow colour symbolises sunny days in Spain and the shape makes a clear reference to the traditional mortar used in kitchens at home, which clearly sets it apart from the competitors’ packs.  

In your eyes, David Moya, which three words would you use to best describe Berry Superfos?
“Capacity, innovation and partnership commitment. Berry Superfos always keeps abreast of the development in the packaging industry which helps us to grow our business. For instance, though the first mortar pot from Berry Superfos was very successful, we understood over time that it needed an update. Without hesitation, we turned to Berry Superfos in 2016 for a fresh version of it. Creatively, we worked together on different designs and finally, we achieved a new generation of the mortar design – two new mortars with one common lid”.

Can a long-term packaging provider deliver fresh attractive solutions?
“Absolutely yes. The new generation of the mortar is the best proof. Our Marketing Department is always keen to keep a fresh contemporary image for all our products which showcases innovation. Together with Berry Superfos, we head for success.”

What do you particularly like about the product quality and service from Berry Superfos?
Berry Superfos supplies us with a very high quality of product and tries continuously to adapt to our needs with good communication and flexibility in order to solve any issue. It is great team work, and we trust that we can maintain our special bond for years to come.” 

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