Join us at Sweden’s premier restaurant industry fair

Join us at Sweden’s premier restaurant industry fair

The Stockholm Fastfood & Café & Restaurant EXPO is near. Come to the Berry Superfos stand EH:11 to explore premium products, designed to meet the growing demand for reusable and recyclable packaging solutions in the food service industry.

Businesses in the food service sector are grappling with increasing regulatory constraints and customer demands to overhaul their packaging practices. For example, since January 1, 2024, restaurants, cafes, and catering establishments in Sweden serving over 150 meals or drinks per day must, by law, provide reusable packaging as a customer choice for items that would otherwise be served in disposable cups and containers.

In response to this development, Berry Superfos will be presenting a range of products tailored to address the industry's call for reusable packaging solutions at the Fastfood & Café & Restaurant EXPO (FFCR) in Stockholm. This event gathers leading suppliers, decision-makers, and buyers from January 31 to February 1 at Sweden’s largest fair dedicated to the industry.

Philip Ekman, Food Retail Director at Berry Superfos, says:

"At FFCR, we are thrilled to present our quality solutions that meet the distinctive needs of the restaurant, catering, and take-away food industry. Our offerings blend functionality, customer appeal, and cutting-edge technologies. Further, we are committed to helping customers on their journey towards a circular future. Our focus remains on optimising packaging designs with reusability, recyclability, and minimised use of virgin material at the forefront.”

Reusable cup range that makes your brand stand out
At stand EH:11, Berry Superfos will be showcasing the Berry Reusable Cup Range, featuring high-quality reusable cups designed for hot and cold beverages. The cups boast elegant lightweight designs and are easily recyclable, contributing to an enhanced customer experience for both on-site consumption and take-away.

Furthermore, these reusable cups serve as a blank canvas for individual businesses to express their unique identity, as demonstrated by bespoke cup examples showcased at the Berry Superfos stand at FFCR.

Prioritising convenience and customer appeal
Another pioneering packaging solution that you can experience at FFCR is the Berry Superfos Reusable Tableware Range. This innovative series comprises reusable bowls and lids designed to meet the diverse needs of the food service industry.

Transparent lids offer enticing displays of full meals, and through In-Mould Labelling, these bowls become a platform for branding and visual identity. Their stackable and easy-to-handle design streamlines on-site operations, enabling efficient serving of multiple portions simultaneously.

Incorporate technology into your design to streamline your business
Berry Superfos offers the integration of QR codes, barcodes, Digimarc, or RFID chips in reusable cups and tableware. This enables the food service industry to effortlessly implement return deposit and refill systems, track wash cycles, and manage inventory of reusable cups, bowls, and lids.

Dependable storage with the UniPak container
At the Berry Superfos stand, you can also explore the bestselling UniPak range, which offers extensive and versatile packaging solutions in various sizes and square and rectangular shapes. Widely embraced by restaurants and cafes for storage, UniPak containers are easy to handle, stack, open, and re-close, and offer enduring reliability.

See you in Stockholm
We look forward to your visit at stand EH:11, where we can discuss how our packaging solutions can help you meet the increasing demands for reusable and recyclable packaging in compliance with regulations.

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