Reusable Tableware Range

Reusable Tableware Range

  • Base line
  • Re-closure
  • Re-use
  • Freezing
  • Safe environmental disposal (PP)
  • Hot filling

Versatile reusable tableware for the food service industry

Enhancing your customer experience

The Berry Superfos Reusable Tableware Range comprises a versatile assortment of reusable bowls and lids meticulously crafted to cater for the specific needs of the food service industry. This range empowers restaurants, cafes, and other food outlets to minimise packaging waste and reduce virgin material use for packaging while enhancing their presentation and enjoyment of meals and other food.

Exceptional durability and premium aesthetics

The reusable tableware range is built to last, offering unmatched durability, convenience, and a premium aesthetic that elevates your brand image. Transparent lids enable captivating presentation of complete meals, fresh salads, delectable snacks, irresistible desserts, and more. Through In-Mould Labelling, both bowls and lids become handy canvases for branding, allowing the distinct visual identity of each food provider to shine through.

New possibilities for service efficiency

The stackable bowls and lids are also designed for seamless on-site operations within the food service industry. They are easy to handle, enabling waitstaff to efficiently serve multiple portions simultaneously.

Each bowl can incorporate a QR code, barcode, Digimarc, or RFID chip with a unique code, facilitating seamless implementation of return deposit systems, refill systems, wash cycle tracking, and efficient inventory management for the reusable bowls and lids. An RFID chip can also be embedded into each lid.

Restaurant customers can conveniently take leftover food home or order takeaway meals, with the option to return both the bowl and lid to the point of purchase for reuse, promoting sustainability and reducing waste.

Multiple solutions with smart design

While comprising only two types of bowls and lids, the Reusable Tableware Range is highly versatile. The high bowls with low lids and low bowls with high lids can be used interchangeably, with the bowl or lid placed at the top or bottom, and they can also double as plates.

This smart design provides the food service industry with multiple solutions, making the Reusable Tableware Range a practical and efficient choice for all needs.

Key Benefits

  • Washable and reusable
  • Stackable
  • Effortless handling
  • Made of widely recyclable PP*
  • Bespoke IML print
  • Option of incorporating RFID chip, barcode, Digimarc, or QR code

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Sales Director
Food Service
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