Explore innovative packaging solutions at Prod&Pack, Lyon

Explore innovative packaging solutions at Prod&Pack, Lyon

Are you seeking premium quality packaging that can be reused multiple times while still making your brand shine? Then stop by stand D48.E47 in Hall 6, at the upcoming Prod&Pack show in Lyon, France.

Concerns about the environmental impact of single-use packaging are continually mounting globally. As a result, Berry Superfos is proud to present the new Berry Cup Range of superior reusable cups for hot and cold beverages tailored for restaurants, retail outlets, event organisers, and various venues for both on-site use and takeaways.

This cup range is not just reusable but also lightweight, widely recyclable and can serve as a platform for expressing your individual brand.

It serves as just one example of the innovative packaging solutions that you can experience first-hand at the Prod&Pack show on November 21-23 in Lyon, France. You will find Berry Superfos at Stand D48.E47 in Hall 6, where the company will be joined by Berry BMS (Blow Moulding Specialities) and Emballages Europe Express, the packaging distributor for Berry Superfos in France.

Developed with sustainability in mind
The Berry Cup Range represents just one example of the diverse array of quality plastic packaging options designed with sustainability in mind for both the food and non-food industries that you can explore at the Berry Superfos stand.

Isabelle Rival, the Area Sales and Key Account Manager at Berry Superfos Food, says:

"We eagerly anticipate meeting you at Prod&Pack to share our latest developments. For example, we offer solutions that are easily recyclable, utilise fewer base materials, and incorporate recycled materials as part of the raw product mix. Our packaging solutions can help enhance your sales due to their high quality and customisable decoration options that will make your products stand out. We would be delighted to delve deeper into your specific requirements at Prod&Pack."

Reusable SuperCup for beer, soft drinks and confectionery
At our stand, you can also experience another series of reusable cups, the SuperCup, catering to the beer and soft drink industry. It provides a lightweight solution that is at least 30% lighter than the standard in the market for reusable beer cups.

This range has already achieved significant success. For example, during the 10th Rugby World Cup in October, fans in stadiums in Bordeaux and Lille, France, could enjoy their beverages in the reusable SuperCups, fully adhering to France's prohibition on single-use plastic cups. Moreover, these versatile cups, exclusively made from PP plastic, have also proven to be an excellent choice for confectionery.

Up to 80% recycled material for non-food products
In addition, do come to our stand and witness for yourself how Berry Superfos, in general, is dedicated to enhancing the sustainability of packaging solutions and excelling in quality.

For example, we now offer several of our most popular non-food industrial packaging series made with 30% to 80% PCR (post-consumer recycled material) and produced entirely of one material, namely polypropylene (PP), making recycling effortless.

RecyClass labelling for transparency
Moreover, during your visit, you can familiarise yourself with the RecyClass certification of our production facility in La Genête. With this certification, we offer you RecyClass labelling on non-food packaging pails manufactured at La Genête. This provides you with a reliable means of demonstrating to your customers and the authorities that your packaging products are recyclable and contain a specified amount of recycled material.

Discover blow moulded industrial packaging made with recycled material
At the stand, you will also discover blow-moulded recycled-content industrial packaging solutions using by Berry BMS. These solutions cater to various industries, including disinfection, automotive, agrochemicals, and household goods.

For example, the Optimum container available in 20 l and 25 l is crafted with 35% recycled material. It is UN-approved for transporting hazardous liquids and is compatible with both standard and vented closures and comes in a variety of colours. Its innovative design allows for safe and efficient stacking, making it suitable for chemicals, hazardous materials, agriculture, automotive, and more.

Come and explore all your possibilities with Berry Superfos, Berry BMS and Emballages Europe Express at Prod&Pack, Hall 6, stand D48.E47. We look forward to welcoming you there!

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