The SuperCup – your reusable beverage cup

The SuperCup – your reusable beverage cup

  • Safe environmental disposal (PP)

If you think quality beer and soft drinks deserve a quality cup, then please take a closer look at our SuperCup. It is a sturdy, reusable and washable cup well suited for all types of events.

The Berry Superfos SuperCup line is a game changer in the reusable beer and soft drink cup market. It offers a lightweight solution that is both washable and stackable, plus it can be attractively customised with your branding.

The SuperCup simply makes any beverage look more appetising with the cup’s very recognisable look and feel of a typical beer glass. It is ideal for the imprint of logos or messages making it particularly suited for use by brewers, beverage distributors and advertisers as a marketing tool for all sorts of customer events.

Just hold your event, collect the SuperCups afterwards and rinse them off. And voila - they are ready for your next event!

Lightweight and robust from widely recyclable PP

The SuperCup is at least 30% lighter than the market standard for reusable beverage cups.

By being reusable, the SuperCup will help to limit the amount of single use cups being thrown away after various cultural, social and business events. The cup’s sturdiness even gives it value for people who collect cups.

Circular option

If you are looking for a circular packaging solution, the SuperCup is also a great choice. Berry Superfos can produce the cup with polypropylene (PP) made from virgin-quality recycled plastic materials.

Berry Superfos facilities throughout Europe hold the necessary ISCC PLUS certification. This certification ensures credible claims for circular materials as well as traceability throughout the chain of custody, which is based on mass balance. 

Imprint your own logo for promotional advantage

The SuperCup comes in two sizes: 25 cl for small beers and soft drinks and 50 cl for large. From the standard SuperCup range, you can choose either a neutral cup or a customised cup with logos and other information attractively printed on the cup’s surface. Here you can opt for the use of In-Mould Labelling (IML) in four colours or offset in six different colours.

Key benefits

  • Reusable after washing
  • Made of widely recyclable PP
  • Lightweight yet robust
  • Stackable
  • Bespoke print possible

Want to know more?

Sylvain Guiraud
Area Sales Manager
South of France
Phone: +33 6 14 63 45 60

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