R Range: rectangular or square − always reliable

R Range: rectangular or square − always reliable

  • Base line
  • Re-closure
  • Re-use
  • Microwave safe
  • Safe environmental disposal (PP)

The R range of plastic containers comes in classic square and rectangular shapes. These reliable containers offer excellent product protection, as well as many great end-user benefits.

R range containers give you a ready and reliable packaging solution available in rectangular or square shape. The versatile off-the-shelf solution is a safe bet for food products such as ice cream, salads and sandwich fillings.

Ready, reliable, recyclable
The R range packs are made of one single material and are easily recyclable. If you are interested in a decorated version or other colours, please ask for details of the various options.

Supports work in the kitchen
The R range is popular among your end-users, both those working in professional kitchens and people preparing food at home. The containers are handy and, because they are easy to stack, working space in the kitchen is optimised − an important benefit for end-users. In addition, the containers are easy to open and re-close and suitable for use in dish washers, freezers and microwave ovens.

Minimises food waste
The classic shape – rectangular or square – makes it hassle-free to use all content and therefore completely empty the container. With no hidden remains, the containers contribute to reducing food waste. The pots are made from opaque freezer grade polypropylene and of a quality that makes them suitable for multiple re-use.

Several sizes
From a big 10 litres container to a handy 1,250 ml pack, you can choose between several sizes in the R range square. Self-adhesive labelling PE is available for the 2.55 litres container. For the 10 litres size a plastic handle is available. The R range rectangular is supplied from 1,250 ml to 4 litres.

Key benefits

  • Practical and versatile
  • Made of recyclable material
  • Classic shapes: square and rectangular
  • Great stackability
  • Same lid fits several volumes
  • Easy to empty
  • Reduces food waste
Shape Rectangular & Square
Volume range 1.29 litre - 10 litre
Decoration Self-adhesive labelling (PE labels) on selected
Handle Plastic handle on 10 litre
Recyclable material Yes

Want to know more?

Zbigniew Hryniewicz
Sales Director
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Want to know more?

Birthe Bebe Nielsen
Product, Marketing &
Communications Manager
Berry Superfos
Phone: +45 5911 1110

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