Superfos introduces first class pet food pack

Superfos introduces first class pet food pack

Do you want to be different than your competitors in the pet food market? Superfos now launches a new square LongLife™ plastic pack that is an excellent alternative to the traditional aluminium tray.

We care for our pets, financial crisis or not: In 2012, sales of pet food in Europe were approximately 15 per cent higher than in 2007. The traditional aluminium tray still dominates this market so maybe it is time for you to stand out and swap to rigid plastic? With full support from Superfos you may keep or increase your market share through a packaging conversion process.

Long life pack suitable for autoclave
Laurent Morel, Sales Director France & Italy, Superfos Region South East, has spearheaded the development of the new plastic pet food pack. He says:

“With this up-to-date packaging solution, Superfos now gives pet food producers the option to move on from the usual aluminium tray. They will appreciate the high filling speed and the fact that the square pack is suitable for autoclave. It also has a UV light barrier protection and an oxygen barrier for extended shelf life. All in all, Superfos offers a very high quality packaging for wet pet food.”

Re-closing for convenience
The design of the pack gives pet owners the right level of convenience in terms of functionality and protection of the content. It comes in a perfect size for smaller single serve meals: 115 ml (or 100 g).
The pack is re-closable which means that pet owners can avoid fridge odours from any left-overs: all the customer has to do is re-close the pack, and the lid will prevent odour transmission.

Eye-catching graphics of any kind
For obvious reasons, the end-user – the pet – has no say in the purchase decision process, so your promotion and marketing activities addresses the pet owner. You can have whatever artwork design works well in your market thanks to the in-mould labelling technique from Superfos. Laurent Morel shares some ideas:

“As consumers, we are apt to buy something that looks tasty, healthy and good; not only for ourselves but also for our beloved pets. With in-mould labelling anything is possible: showing a perfect picture of pet food bites; inserting a clear nutritional table or making the emotional connection through pictures of adorable pets. Whatever their choice, pet food producers get premium printing quality on all surfaces.”

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