How to save time on your artwork design

How to save time on your artwork design

Here is a short cut to a quick artwork design process: Use the virtual 3D toolbox which is now also available for mobile devices. Within minutes, it lets you create and see your packaging with artwork in 3D.

Skip lengthy approval processes and expensive shipping of packaging mock-ups with the online 3D tool, developed with support from Superfos.

The tool improves and changes the way you work with packaging artwork design, because it lets you develop your artwork packaging in 3D on a screen. Without having to install 3D software on your computer you can work professionally with your packaging process online and save time-to-market.

Display design online
Working with the 3D Studio is very easy; a few clicks is all it takes to generate a draft that you can share with others online. You can get the necessary feedback from the involved parties 24/7; and you do not have to be in front of a computer to work with the tool; it also works on tablets and smartphones.

Divisional Product Manager, Sales & Marketing at Superfos, Birthe Bebe Nielsen explains the basic steps of packaging art work design with the 3D Studio:

“You start with selecting your favourite packaging solution from Superfos in the 3D library. This could be UniPak. Then you download the keyline from the library, apply your artwork to it and then upload the pdf again to the library. Only moments later, you get a visualisation of you packaging in 3D. It is even revolving. Your 3D files can be shared on mobile devices using dedicated apps or simply as 3D pdf files. This is an extremely fast way to share your creation with others and invite them to give you feedback.”

Secure and private library
The system is secure and confidential information can be hidden. It is possible to create a shop-in-shop solution to which only dedicated people have access. You can even create your own private library and have several libraries - for instance if you have a handful of brands which each have their design teams.

It is free for Superfos customers
Using the 3D Studio is free if you are a Superfos customer and it is easy to get started and create an account. If you wish to create a shop-in-shop with the packaging from Superfos that you use, please get in touch with your usual sales contact at Superfos.

“Here we have a great platform for brand owners and designers to come together virtually while working on the decoration of our packaging. It will speed up time-to-market, save costs and take design work to the next level,” says Birthe Bebe Nielsen.

If you want to share with the packaging community how much time the 3D Studio has saved compared to the usual way you work with packaging art work design, please do not hesitate to get in touch:

To show the 3D design on iPhone / iPad you need the ESKO Studio Viewer app:
Download from iTunes here

To show the 3D design on Android or iOS devices in augmented reality you need the Augment app:
Download from Google play here

Download from iTunes here

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