Explore new paint packaging solutions at Eurocoat in Paris

Explore new paint packaging solutions at Eurocoat in Paris

Visit stand C50 at Eurocoat on March 26-28 to discover recyclable containers made with post-consumer recycled material for paints and coatings.

Berry Superfos invites you to the Eurocoat show in Paris, where the spotlight is on paints, varnishes, and other surface coatings. Join us at stand C50 for a deep dive into the exceptional Berry Superfos packaging solutions specifically for paint and coating products, which align perfectly with Eurocoat’s thematic focus on sustainability and recycling challenges within the paint and coating industry.

Discover the PCR advantage
By visiting Eurocoat, you can uncover the potential of post-consumer recycled material (PCR) – a valuable resource expertly transformed into versatile plastic packaging solutions by Berry Superfos. Explore a diverse collection of top-quality PCR-content pails, featuring popular containers like Paintainer®, SuperCube®, and SuperLift®. These containers, available in various shapes and sizes, can be adorned with In-Mould Labelling in a spectrum of colours to make your brand stand out.

Laurent Morel, Sales Director, Industrial Markets Europe, Berry Superfos, France, says:

“Our PCR range is perfect for increasing your sales of paint, coatings, building materials, and more. We offer appealing design options with a minimum of 30% certified PCR (post-consumer recycled) material for some of our flagship containers. In many cases, you can even choose a higher PCR content, tailoring your solution to meet your specific recycled material goals."

“At the heart of our ability to provide a high level of certified PCR content is our new state-of-the-art Berry Circular Polymers (BCP) facility in Leamington Spa, UK. This facility utilises our pioneering proprietary CleanStream® technology, a mechanical process transforming domestically recovered household waste polypropylene (PP) into premium food-grade packaging,” Laurent Morel says.

Unlock versatile mono-material solutions for your application
"Our team is also thrilled to unveil our upcoming robust plastic handle, specifically crafted for converting metal handles on all our containers into plastic, creating a mono-material solution. This initiative strongly underscores our strategic commitment to improving the circularity of our products," Laurent Morel says.

By choosing plastic paint containers for your paints and coatings, you will also get a myriad of other advantages. From user-friendliness and light weight to robustness, shock resistance, and a range of shapes (square, rectangular, round, cylindrical) and sizes (400ml to 5.3 litres), the full range of Berry Superfos plastic containers offers unparalleled versatility.

The rectangular shape aligns seamlessly with cylindrical metal paint cans, presenting a novel approach for better facing on shop shelves. Both DIY enthusiasts and professional painters will appreciate the practical advantages, allowing direct paint rolling and maintaining the convenience of the rectangular shape. You can choose customisable glossy or metallic finishes for decorating the plastic containers.

You can also benefit from innovative features like the Berry Superfos FlakeFree® surface, which prevents dried paint flakes from falling into the fresh paint.

See you at C50!
Meet us at stand C50 at Eurocoat to explore fresh ideas for your paint packaging solutions. Our team cannot wait to discuss innovative approaches tailored to your needs.

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Custom containers promote uniqueness

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