12 full years without reportable accidents

12 full years without reportable accidents

Safety is a top priority at the Berry Superfos facility in Kruszwica, Poland, which has recently achieved the outstanding milestone of 12 years without any reportable accidents.

For 12 years, the Berry Superfos facility in Kruszwica in central Poland has operated without any reportable accidents. This accomplishment reflects an unwavering commitment to safety and quality, and benefits everyone from employees to customers. Przemysław Greinert, EHS Manager in Kruszwica, says:

 "Our stringent safety standards not only safeguard our employees but also establish us as a dependable supplier and partner, capable of delivering top-notch, flawless packaging solutions on schedule and in accordance with our agreements with customers.”

Driven by commitment to keep people safe
The record-setting facility employs around 100 people and produces 400 mio. units of standard thermoformed plastic packaging for food producers. EHS manager Przemysław Greinert explains how the positive safety results have been obtained:

"The impressive feat of the facility goes way beyond just setting a record. What truly drives us is our commitment to ensuring the safety of our employees while also meeting our customers' expectations. This latest safety record is a testament to the expertise and dedication of our skilled staff and competent managers who prioritise clear communication at all levels. Moreover, our Health & Safety team's effective work is pivotal; we utilise professional training systems, efficient controls, and both internal and external audits to raise awareness of the importance of health and safety among all employees."

The Berry Superfos facility in Kruszwica, Poland, works closely with the Berry Superfos facility in Poznan, to help ensure sustained safety performance at both facilities.

The Kruszwica facility's ambition is to stay on track and maintain its strong focus on safety and quality. To this end, the facility is audited according to the Blue audit scoring model and holds certifications such as ISO 9001:2015 (Quality Management) and BRC (Hygiene and Quality).

Want to know more?

Krzysztof Banach
Factory Manager
Poznań & Kruszwica
Phone: +48 61 8496400 / +48 52 3536080

Want to know more?

Przemysław Greinert
EHS Manager
Kruszwica, Poland
Phone: +48 601 77 09 55

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