1,000 notable days at coffee capsule facility

1,000 notable days at coffee capsule facility

At its facility in Deventer in the Netherlands, Berry Superfos not only produces millions of coffee capsules every day but also achieves this without any recordable accidents for more than 1,000 days.

The safety and wellbeing of Berry Superfos employees at all its 24 facilities across Europe is high priority. Now yet another record has been set. This time it is the coffee capsule production facility in Deventer that has achieved 1,000 days without any recordable accidents.

Better than the industry average
By prioritising safety, Berry Superfos has maintained an incident rate lower than the industry average, alongside the production of high-quality products. The facility's 70 employees produce capsules for the growing ready-to-drink coffee and tea market. Factory manager, Patrick Balk is immensely proud of his team's effort. He says:

“The entire team at the facility has contributed to setting this new record of 1,000 days without any recordable accidents. Together with our management and Health & Safety teams, our employees create a safe working environment by setting high standards and continually focusing on safety.”

Taking care of each other
QHSE Manager Edward Rondhuis also applauds the safety performance in Deventer and says:

“By making safety our number one priority, our employees remain focused on looking out for one another; for example, by pointing out potentially unsafe actions or situations. They focus on preventing accidents and pay attention to a clean and tidy working environment. Despite our remarkable result, we continue to seek safety improvements. Work at any production facility involves risks, which means that we must continue to recognise and eliminate these risks.”

Deventer is just one example of a Berry Superfos facility with outstanding health and safety results. Another example is the Kruszwica, Poland, that recently set the impressive safety performance record of 12 years without any reportable accidents.

Want to know more?

Patrick Balk
Factory Manager
Food Service
Phone: +31 570 682 312

Want to know more?

Edward Rondhuis
QHSE Manager
Beverage Systems
Phone: +31 570 682 337

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