Craft brewery chooses super reusable beer cup for events

Craft brewery chooses super reusable beer cup for events

Meduz, a successful craft brewery in southern France, has opted for the SuperCup from Berry Superfos. Meduz will use it for all types of festive events to ensure a quality cup for their quality beer.

In 2012, two good friends, beer lovers and food technology engineers, opened a craft brewery in the French town of Uzès where beer had been brewed since 1888. The goal was – and still is – to brew special beers from French malts, hops and other local ingredients with the smallest possible environmental footprint.

The new brewery, Meduz, is a business success. It has an increasing number of private customers and associations serving the tasty Meduz beer at festivals, birthdays, weddings and other celebratory events. For this purpose, Meduz has opted for the reusable SuperCup from Berry Superfos which offers a lightweight solution that is sturdy, washable and stackable.

Very positive customer feedback
Christophe Fresquet, one of the two founding friends and, today, in charge of sales at Meduz, says:

”We had to find a great cup solution since the use of single use cups for such purposes is now banned in France. That said, we are very pleased with the SuperCup which is light, compact and inexpensive. It takes up little space when stacked and has a beautiful design. We have our logo printed on it and it looks fantastic. After the events, we collect and wash the cups and they are ready to be used again.”

Meduz first used the cup at the International Agricultural Show, Paris, in February 2022 and now it is standard for all fairs and trade shows in which Meduz participates. On top of this, the cups are being used by customers of Meduz for all sorts of events.

“We get very positive customer feedback about the design and quality of the SuperCup. They appreciate the ‘beer cup’ design and its light weight,” says Christophe Fresquet.

Reusable, lightweight and attractive makes for a winner
In addition to being very sturdy, the SuperCup is at least 30% lighter than the market standard for reusable beer cups. It is made from recyclable PP, making recycling possible and easy after final use, although it is primarily intended for reuse time and time again.

The SuperCup comes in two sizes and Meduz uses both: 25 cl and 50 cl. Meduz has its logo and other positive messages printed on the cup in three colours.

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