Packaging design advantages for salads

Packaging design advantages for salads

Using a well-known feature in an unusual context has resulted in an outstanding and award-winning packaging for salads from Orkla Foods Norway. The twist cup is thermoformed while the lid is injection moulded.

There is nothing wrong with square packs for salads displayed in the supermarket’s cold counter - other than the fact that they all look rather alike. Consequently, Orkla Foods Norway wanted a new type of packaging for launching some new varieties under the trademark Denja. For salads with shrimps, beans, chicken or beetroot, the food producer found the right solution with RPC Superfos and RPC Promens.

The pack is an attention grabber
Kjersti Trömborg, Packaging Developer, Orkla Foods Norway, explains:

“We have created a solution where you simply twist-off the lid and screw it back on again. This is admittedly not in itself a new feature, however, it is extraordinary in the salad segment and nobody has ever done this before. The new pack helps to set our salads apart from other salads, and we are very pleased with it.”

The convenient and lightweight packaging is a result of combining two different technologies and two different resin materials. While the PET twist cup is thermoformed, the lid is made of injection moulded PP. The salads are labelled with high gloss colour labels on both pot and lid. The lid is designed to accommodate the pot standing on top which is both practical and allows for good facing on shelf. And not least: it is very easy to open and re-close the packaging which is a major end-user advantage.

We have completed an ambitious project
“RPC Superfos and RPC Promens have done a really good job designing and developing the new pack in close cooperation with us. Together, we have completed an ambitious development project, and surely we have had our ups and downs, but all in all the cooperation with RPC Superfos and RPC Promens has been a delightful experience,” Kersti Trömborg comments.

The packaging solution developed for Orkla Foods Norway has also received recognition from the professional packaging trade as it holds a ScanStar 2016, a Nordic packaging prize.

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