New solution scoops ScanStar prize

New solution scoops ScanStar prize

A thermoformed twist cup with an injection moulded screw lid has received a Nordic packaging award - a ScanStar 2016. The innovative pack was developed in close cooperation between Orkla Foods Norway, RPC Superfos and RPC Promens.

Easy to open, stackable and well turned-out - these design advantages so impressed the ScanStar 2016 jury members that they have given an award to the new thermoformed twist cup with an injection moulded screw lid from RPC Superfos and RPC Promens.

The innovative packaging solution is being produced for Orkla Foods Norway and is in use for a new selection in the Denja range including shrimps, beans, chicken or beetroot.

Kjersti Trömborg, Packaging Developer, Orkla Foods Norway, says:

“We are pleased with the recognition that comes with the Nordic packaging prize. RPC Superfos and RPC Promens have done a really good job designing and developing the new pack in close cooperation with us and fully deserve the accolade.”

What makes it special
Two different technologies and two different resin materials have been brought into play to create this convenient and lightweight packaging. The product is labelled with high gloss colour labels on both pot and lid. The lid is designed to accommodate the pot standing on top which is both practical and allows for good facing on shelf. Importantly, the end users benefit from a new easy way to open and close the salad pack by simply twisting and turning the lid. The open and re-closure mechanism is something special in the salad segment and serves as a distinguishing feature.

Jørgen Bitsch, General Sales Manager and Tore Lund, Senior Project Engineer, both feel honoured to receive the ScanStar 2016 award and stress that a massive team effort goes behind it.

“The ScanStar 2016 prize is pleasing and complements our common project, which was possible thanks to a combined effort across capabilities and technologies from RPC Superfos and RPC Promens,” Tore Lund says.

“Being singled out for the award is very satisfying. It has been a privilege to work with Orkla Foods Norway on this packaging solution. We trust that our pack helps to display the Denja salads in an attractive way and helps to support sales,” Jørgen Bitsch adds.

Jury praise
The ScanStar jury members got together in Copenhagen at the end of June and, having scrutinised all entries to the Nordic packaging competition, they made the following remarks about the solution for Orkla Foods Norway:

“The thermoformed packaging opens up for new shapes and design advantages. The packaging is stackable and easily opened, and it will work well in the shop shelves and in the customers’ homes. Good presentation and easy to open. Mechanically good.”

The ScanStar 2016 prize ceremony will take place 3 November in Norway, being this year’s host of the Nordic Packaging competition. 

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