Wet wipes: practical container prevents evaporation

Wet wipes: practical container prevents evaporation

A refillable and airtight container with a resealable cap fitted in the lid makes it easier to maintain a high level of hygiene with wipes. By popular demand, Berry Superfos has developed a series of wet wipes containers and Hitam, a French chemical consultancy, is among the highly satisfied customers.

These days, top-level hygiene is particularly paramount in all parts of society. Many industries, including food and hospitality, make a 24/7 effort to keep working areas clean in order to prevent illness and disease. To this end, wipes impregnated with a disinfectant liquid are an excellent and convenient resource for professional use.

Skyrocketing sales
Hitam − a family owned chemical and analytical consultancy in France – has created a formula for producing an efficient disinfectant liquid. Now, Hitam has teamed up with a wipe manufacturer plus Berry Superfos to achieve tremendous success selling disinfectant wet wipes in a practical 5.3 litres container with a resealable cap in the dispenser lid. Via distributors, sales go to restaurants, cafés, bakeries, hotels etc. in France and other European countries.  The chosen packaging solution is a special refinement of the popular Paintainer® pail.

The innovative design surpasses expectations
Vincent Seita, CEO of Hitam, says he already knew Berry Superfos from other great packaging projects, but he is impressed with the design expertise and level of innovation conveyed through the wet wipes container with the dispenser lid:

“We discovered that the wet wipes container from Berry Superfos is outstanding. When the cap in the lid is sealed, the wet wipes are actually in an airtight container. It prevents evaporation in a way which surpasses our expectations. This means that the wet wipes stay moist, fresh and useful for longer than in the packaging we formerly used.”

Asked about the collaboration with Berry Superfos, he states that, as a customer, he gets all the attention and service he needs. The business relationship is working well and Berry Superfos also demonstrates leadership in sustainability.

More wipes - less plastic
“More and more people find clever packaging choices important, and so do we at Hitam. The wet wipes container is perfect for the circular economy as it is made solely of PP, polypropylene: the lid, the fitted resealable cap and the container base. This means it is monomaterial, making it ideal for recycling, and recyclability has our support,” he enthuses.

Vincent Seita appreciates that the container from Berry Superfos is durable, reusable and refillable. When a reel of 1,000 wipes is finished, it is effortless to refill it with another reel. Each Paintainer® pail provides space for more wipes than the former pack did so, generally, the ratio between plastic packaging and wipes has changed with the benefit of extra wipes. In fact, this reduces the need for plastic.

Even after the explosive global need for easy practical hygiene, Vincent Seita predicts that using disinfectant wipes will become a daily habit in many industries. And now he knows which type of packaging is the right solution for Hitam.

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