Packaging Innovations 2018

Packaging Innovations 2018

Meet RPC Superfos at the trade fair Packaging Innovations 2018 in Birmingham. Catch up on packaging news from convenient on-the-go food solutions to bespoke containers to brilliant plastic paint cans.

Soon the trade fair Packaging Innovations 2018 in Birmingham UK, will be welcoming visitors from the packaging community. Are you and your colleagues coming along? Then do visit the RPC Group stand A40, where the trade fair team from RPC Superfos Region UK will be pleased to see you.

“Meeting face-to-face is second to none when it comes to sharing ideas and discussing new trends – and there are quite a few new developments. Our team looks forward to meeting new and familiar faces at Packaging Innovations 2018,” says Sean Dyer, Regional Sales Director, RPC Superfos, Region UK.

EasySnacking™ caters for convenience
Sean Dyer points out that the plastic packaging industry is constantly evolving – like your industry, probably. One of the clearest trends in food is the craving for end-user convenience:

“Eating on-the-go is surely on the increase and we offer several packaging solutions to meet this need. A good example is the EasySnacking™ pot; it upgrades the whole eating experience. The square pack has a sleek and soft look thanks to its smooth design, while the key feature is an integral spoon in the lid.”

EasySnacking™ comes in two sizes: 210ml or 300ml and, for each, you have the option of a high lid with room for topping. End-users much appreciate the feel of the spoon ‒ come to our stand and try it out for yourself!

Keep the oxygen out
Food producers will be interested to know that there are several quality packaging solutions with oxygen barrier protection from RPC Superfos. At our stand, you can take a look at the SuperLock® pot with its twist-off screw-on lid. The solution with In-Mould labelling on all surfaces allows for ambient shelf life of up to 24 months, thanks to extremely low oxygen transmission rates.

Oxygen barrier protection is not just reserved for small containers. RPC Superfos also offers large SuperLift® pails for the food service industry. Let’s discuss how our plastic pails can be an advantageous alternative to your present food service packaging solution.

Another fabulous choice for food ‒ also in fact wet pet food ‒ is the LongLife™ packaging solution, which offers an easy re-close feature and is suitable for autoclave. You can even add your own design twist to the pack if you are searching for a partly bespoke solution.

We can help you shape up
For the highest levels of on-shelf impact, you can collaborate with RPC Superfos and create your own bespoke packaging. RPC Superfos has a strong track record in this field and selected samples will be on display, including for PET jars, often used in an eye-catching way for confectionery. So, don’t take our word for it, come by and check out some exciting new shapes and options which induce great consumer appeal.

“Innovative packaging solutions enhance the consumer experience and, based on our vast experience of designing bespoke containers, we are confident that our capabilities here will meet ‒ or even exceed - customer expectations,” Sean Dyer says.

Plastic paint cans are a safe bet
Targeted at the non-food industry, RPC Superfos has developed a broad range of both user-friendly and robust pails suitable for various products, take paint for instance. The Paintainer® range offers you shock resistant round cylindrical pails ranging from 400ml to 5.3 litres. Other unique product lines for paint are available in square or rectangular shape. However, regardless of shape, you can have our containers beautifully decorated with a glossy finish or a metallic look and, at the same time, benefit from the qualities of plastic.

See you soon
We share stand A40 with sister companies within RPC Group. Meet our sales team to discuss how our packaging solutions can increase your brand visibility and how we can help your business to become more sustainable. Or just come by, simply because you are curious! We are looking forward to seeing you at UK’s largest and most diverse packaging event from 28 February to 1 March 2018.

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