EasySnacking™ receives a Scanstar Award

EasySnacking™ receives a Scanstar Award

For its elegant and new design, the EasySnacking™ pot for on-the-go meals has been awarded a Scanstar 2015 in the Nordic packaging competition of the same name.

Developed and produced by RPC Superfos in Denmark, the sleek pot EasySnacking™ has achieved a Scanstar Award. According to the jury, one of its key advantages is a well-balanced design that combines the best qualities from the round shape with the best qualities of the square one.

The grounds of the jury
The entire evaluation of the jury reads:

"The jury rewards this packaging with a Scanstar for a new and elegant square design which lives up to the requirements to a pack for the "on-the-go" market. It is a complete solution that works. The closing mechanism is an extra advantage which makes it simple to stack the packs, leading to an efficient use of the space on the shelves and during transport. It has a well-balanced design with a shape that combines the best from the round and the best from the square alternative. In-mould-labeling renders an impressive look and it is easy to get hold of the spoon and the content. It is a complete solution."

Søren Marcussen, Executive VP CSO, from RPC Superfos Region Nordic is obviously happy about the Scandinavian prize:

"When we started developing the EasySnacking™ pot, we made a dedicated effort to come up with a solution with lots of user convenience for the on-the-go segment. The Scanstar award shows us that we hit the spot, and we value this wonderful acknowledgment."

Grab the spoon and start eating
EasySnacking™ is suitable for a wealth of food products for eating on-the-go or for an easy meal at home. From dairy to noodle dishes, over fruit stews to soups, the pot is perfect not least because of the spoon placed under a self-adhesive label in the lid. The spoon is easy to get hold of and a delight to hold. You can use it right away, as it is made in one piece so there is no need for assembling.

The pot comes in two sizes and with two types of lids: one lid has room for a spoon; one lid has room for a spoon as well as a compartment for topping or sauce. EasySnacking™ is suitable for use in microwave oven, dishwasher and freezer.

Appetite for more prizes
The Scanstar award ceremony takes place in Gothenburg, Sweden, on 20 October. On the same occasion, a customised pot for Valio Eila panna cotta, also developed by RPC Superfos, will also be honoured with a Scanstar.  Both pacakging solutions are now eligible to receive a WorldStar in the next round of the competition.

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