An innovative and brand new packaging solution from Superfos is now available for the dairy segment. The stylish pack includes a convenient spoon and is perfect for easy meals on-the-go.

Handy pack for on the go snacking
Breakfast on the way to work; an easy afternoon snack after school; a sweet treat before the next meeting: more and more people eat on the go. To accommodate the growing need for a handy pack for easy snacking, Superfos has created an innovative and elegant solution: EasySnacking™ - a new pack with a sleek spoon integrated into the lid.

Super spoon – easy to grab
It is very easy to get hold of the spoon in the lid: simply tear off the peel-off label on top of the plastic pot. The spoon in one piece is ready to grab without any need for opening a smaller plastic bag.

Soft look and smooth lines
The square EasySnacking™ pot features attractive smooth lines and gives a soft impression – quite similar to the texture of any dairy content. Just like the injection moulded plastic pot as a whole, the spoon is beautifully designed and a delight to hold.

Available in two versions
The design is available in two versions: one with the spoon in the lid and one with a higher lid with room for both a crunchy topping and the spoon. There are two sizes to choose from; a brimful of 210 ml or 300 ml.

Great functionality
Apart from offering outstanding convenience and functionality, the pot is re-closable, stable and optimised for stacking - filled or empty.

Ensures effective on-shelf presence
On shelf, the pot for dairy products looks enticing to end-users. With hi-tech in-mould labelling the brand identity is maximised. Colours, pictures, decorations and trademarks are rendered in premium image quality.

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