New paint pail is a roaring success

New paint pail is a roaring success

The Balkan paint company BAUklar has relaunched a range of high-quality paints and primers in a new pail from RPC Superfos. The artwork decoration is an attention grabber showing close-up drawings of tigers with striking details and appeal. The key is In-Mould Labelling.

To keep attracting the attention of top-end customers, a range of high-quality paints and primers from BAUklar in Bosnia and Herzegovina has now been relaunched in a SuperOval pail from RPC Superfos. Impressive illustrations of a tiger’s head form the essential visual communication of the pail.

High impact artwork design
The advanced In-Mould Labelling technique from RPC Superfos makes it possible to reproduce even the finest details of the tiger design. In the case of BAUklar, you almost feel that you can touch the whiskers. Opting for the tiger as a symbol for the paint brand was no coincidence.

Adnan  Mehinović, director of BAUklar explains:

“The tiger is a symbol of strength and courage so it conveys the quality of our paint products as well as our corporate values. The objective was to create a packaging solution with a high impact artwork design so that our products on shelf could obtain the maximum share of customer attention. We are pleased to state that is exactly what we have achieved”.

Great result
As the relaunch is only a few months old, it is still early days but, so far, sales are developing according to plan and BAUklar is reaching the desired sales targets.

“Since the relaunch, we have received a lot of feedback and people are talking about our pails. It is very good because, as we all know, brand recognition has an impact on sales,” Adnan  Mehinović says and adds:

“We are highly satisfied with the final result of all the variations of pails. They look absolutely stunning and even the finest details are clearly reproduced. Plus, we are pleased with the packaging solution in itself; the pails are both robust and flexible, which means they are without scratch marks even after fork lift transportation.”

Adnan Mehinović points out that BAUklar enjoys a very strong collaboration with RPC Superfos and is delighted with the packaging provider’s professionalism and customer service.

Though also available to DIYcustomers, the main target group for BAUklar paints is the professional painter. The products are available at DIY retailers and wholesale companies throughout Bosnia and Herzegovina.

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