Having the right packaging provider is a definite plus

Having the right packaging provider is a definite plus

The dairy company Almera International in Romania now uses RPC Superfos as supplier of plastic packaging and says the containers are good for business as they support the success of new dairy products.

Flawless customer service, helpful support and great plastic packaging solutions matter a lot to the diary company Almera International. Recently, Almera started using RPC Superfos as second packaging supplier and feels that RPC Superfos meets their needs in the best possible way.

Almera is headquartered in Bacau in the north-eastern part of Romania, and their brand “Big Panda – a tasteful choice” is well-known in Romania. It signals freshly produced, healthy dairy products. Many of these products now come in plastic packaging from RPC Superfos.

Attention to needs and great solutions
Oana Dascalu, Purchasing and Marketing Manager at Almera International, says:

“Entering a collaboration with RPC Superfos was a good decision. We enjoy our very good and satisfying cooperation in all aspects, but notably the quality of the packaging products, their customer service and delivery terms. RPC Superfos pays attention to our needs and comes up with great solutions within a short time.”

Almera International uses various round and square 5L and 5.8L buckets with In-Mould Labelling from RPC Superfos, as well as the SuperLight™ 400ml and 850ml pots. The buckets and pots are filled with dairy products such as yogurt, cheese or cream of various percentage fat: 12%, 20% and 30%.

The SuperLight™ pots are remarkable for their ultra-light material with impressive strength and a premium visual appeal thanks to In-Mould Labelling. The buckets are also decorated with In-Mould Labelling, come with practical handles and are 100 percent liquid tight.

Good for business
Oana Dascalu values the way the quality packaging helps to attract consumers. In addition, she appreciates the easy communication with RPC Superfos:

“RPC Superfos is very understanding and flexible. We have received great support for choosing new packaging products. We are pleased with the handling of our orders, the adequate pricing and logistics. Packaging solutions from RPC Superfos are good for our business and support the success of our new products.”

Almera International was established in 1996 and runs a family business, paying great attention to the market trends and customer needs.

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