Baby food: new kid on the block in SuperLock®

Baby food: new kid on the block in SuperLock®

A Danish entrepreneur is experiencing great success for her organic baby food sold in SuperLock® packaging. Branded Lovemade™, her products are now on shelf in major supermarkets in Sweden under ambient temperatures.

Sweden is the main market for Silvia Wulff, a Danish entrepreneur and mother of two, who sells readymade organic baby food. On her team she has two Danish celebrity chefs, vouching for high-quality ingredients, high level taste and texture. The baby food sold under the brand Lovemade™ is locally produced, which is unique in its category, and the range comprises eight varieties with more to come.

The launch of Lovemade™ baby food has been successful. The products are now available in approximate 700 stores in Sweden and both consumers and retailers agree that the products are unique. Silvia Wulff opted for the SuperLock® packaging solution, holding 215 ml with a 95 mm diameter, which she considers to be part of the success. From her own experience, she knows how irritating it can be to feed a baby if the food container is too narrow:

“In terms of giving parents an ease-of-use experience the diameter is important. The SuperLock® pot is the right size, making it easy to stir, get a spoon in and the baby food out. Add to this the click-on screw-off lid makes it hassle-free to open and reclose the pot.”

Suitable for autoclaving
As the SuperLock® pot is made with oxygen barrier labels, it provides for a long shelf life. This means it is possible to get a product placement in retail stores under ambient temperatures - alongside competing products sold in glass. While the market for baby food generally is dominated by glass packaging, Silvia Wulff concludes that this packaging has all the properties she wants for the Lovemade™ products:

“Plastic has low weight which is good as it means reduced transportation costs and reduced environmental impact. I also appreciate the fact that SuperLock® is suitable for autoclaving, so we can ensure suitable shelf life and at the same time ensure pure and natural products, avoiding the need for additives or preservatives. Also the pot can be re-used at home multiple times, which adds value to our product.”

The pot has excellent clarity
The artwork design of Lovemade™ is appealing and evocative of a happy child universe. The base of the SuperLock® pack is transparent, making it possible to see the content at the moment of the purchase decision. In this way, the packaging communicates authenticity, freshness and a healthy nutritious product.

“Our goal is to sell a product that fully takes baby food to a higher level: organic, high-quality ingredients that are cooked following gourmet recipes, served in a safe and user-friendly pack of low weight that can be used over and over again at home. There is love in all aspects of Lovemade™,” Silvia Wulff points out.

Silvia Wulff cooperates with the leading supplier of branded consumer goods in the Nordics, Orkla Foods Sweden.

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