• Paint in good shape

    By replacing round with rectangular, paint manufacturer Jotun has obtained both marketing extras and significant cost savings with a new container.

  • More desserts on each pallet

    Christmas is just around the corner and for the Danes this means that a special rice dessert is in season. This year dairy producer Arla Foods puts it on the market in a new pot which optimises pallet space.

  • Versatile plastic packaging suits tobacco

    British American Tobacco Niemeyer now sells tobacco in the highly functional packaging solution SuperLift from RPC Superfos. It meets the strict quality requirements regarding granulate and barrier properties.

  • New packaging design is a lift for spreadable cheese

    A customised thin wall packaging is a leap forward for a popular spreadable cheese from Norwegian food producer Kavli. Now, the packaging has a modern look, high functionality and provides for long shelf life.

  • Promote your product with EasyDose

    Normally end-users get in touch with products from RPC Superfos readily filled with all sorts of content. Now we have a product on the market, which is container and product all in one: EasyDose. Being filler, you may want to use it as a marketing gimmick.

  • Babyfood: Made with love and filled in UniPak

    A gap in the market for baby food is now being closed by a Danish mother and entrepreneur. A few months ago, she started selling organic, healthy baby food in a packaging from RPC Superfos. The food is frozen, not preserved and called lovemade.

  • Nuts about gourmet snacks in SuperLock

    A variety of nuts for the busy consumer is now on the Danish market in SuperLock containers. The snack company Snackfoods has chosen this packaging solution because it’s cost effective and looks great.

  • Good vibes packed by RPC Superfos

    Packaging with a smile and crazy campaigns. French food producer Michel & Augustin likes to do things its own way – the company is successful and uses packaging from RPC Superfos.

  • SuperLock makes a difference, says producer of fruit desserts

    Scandinavia’s largest producer of jams, marmalade and fruit desserts, Scandic Food A/S now uses SuperLock for stewed fruit. It is a straight conversion from glass to plastic.

  • Colourful decoration is a gateway to sales success for paint

    When paint producer Berling S.A. became aware of the amazing effects of IML decoration for paint packaging the innovative company seized the opportunity to be the first in Greece to launch paint in plastic packaging with a metallic effect. The result was a bestseller.

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