• Retro-look container is a promotion tool

    Certain shapes and colours evoke nostalgic memories of the good old days. Procter & Gamble tapped into this and rewarded loyal customers with a free gift from Clics Toys packed in a retro-look container from RPC Superfos.

  • Plastic pot peps up pulp

    A family-size plastic packaging for fruit pulp was the choice of French food producer Charles & Alice, when the company wanted to revitalise compote. Their choice looks promising.

  • Size matters: New paint sold in small, cubic containers

    A small, rectangular plastic container for paint stands out. This is why this packaging solution is a perfect match for a new type of special paint launched by one of France’s biggest paint producers.

  • Visible salt flakes make people want to cook

    Spanish producer of salt Sal Costa has found an ideal packaging for its ‘Sal Essential’. It is transparent so now consumers can see the salt flakes through the packaging on the grocery store shelves.

  • Dare to be different

    To keep being the most preferred brand for interior paint, Bulgarian paint producer Megachim is now selling an improved version of their Dekorator paint in a new kind of container. The product upgrade and the new packaging go hand in hand.

  • Up-to-date packaging for authentic sourdough

    The older the sourdough, the better the bread. Thanks to the right kind of packaging, bread lovers can skip years of preparation and buy pre made sourdough at the supermarket.

  • Hearty dips in transparent pots

    What you see is what you get: for a new range of fresh, savoury dips a transparent packaging is the choice of the German food producer Elsdorfer Feinkost. The transparency directly communicates the freshness and homemade style of the dips to the consumers.

  • New design and light barrier refreshes butter

    A range of butter products are re-launched in a thin walled packaging from RPC Superfos. The solution not only includes a sleek customised design, but also a light barrier for longer shelf life and enhanced product quality.

  • Easy opening for easy colours

    The hassle-free opening mechanism of the new Paintainer packaging made the French paint producer Tollens choose it for a versatile paint range.

  • Let’s go for a dip

    Santa Maria is the biggest Nordic supplier of spices and tastes of the world. Two new dips in the TexMex range now come in a small SuperLock container.

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