Massive success for skyr in Denmark

Massive success for skyr in Denmark

Selling a dairy product for eating on-the-go in a smart pack from RPC Superfos has been a huge success for Danish food company Løgismose.

An increasing amount of people like to have their breakfast on the go. When rushing from home to an early meeting, nothing is as quick and convenient as picking a dairy product from the cold counter and eating it straight from the pack. The Danish food producer Løgismose accommodates to this need and now offers Danish consumers a healthy and delicious low-fat organic skyr in three different flavours: Pear, quince and vanilla; mango, passion fruit and ginger; blackcurrant and beetroot.

Put yourself in the shoes of the customer
The series has been recently launched in the EasySnacking™ packaging solution from RPC Superfos with evident success. CEO Steen Olsen from Løgismose does not underestimate the role of the packaging:

“If you put yourself in the shoes of the customer that buys a cold dairy product to eat straight from the pack, then you will quickly come up with some demands to the packaging: It must be very easy to open to avoid any spills when the lid comes off; there must be a spoon in the pack which is hassle-free to grab and which feels good to hold and eat from. We asked RPC Superfos to create a perfect solution for our new skyr range and they did: With the packaging solution EasySnacking™, all our requirements have been fully met, including a stylish look.”   

Simplicity and smooth lines
EasySnacking™ features attractive smooth lines and gives a soft impression, quite similar to the texture of any dairy content. The key word is simplicity, as the pack has all you need - but no more than that. The spoon is in one piece, integrated in the lid and placed under a self-adhesive peel-off label – a new and innovative solution.

“We have been working with RPC Superfos for 25 years and feel very secure with their packaging products and the entire setup. When we work together, we come up with some strong first mover solutions, and in fact, we consider RPC Superfos our packaging partner rather than a packaging supplier,” says Steen Olsen, who stresses that quality, logistics and pricing of course must be in order.

Sales surpass expectations
The development of the EasySnacking™ pot happened in less than a year, from the first sketches made at meeting between Løgismose and RPC Superfos to the launch. The distributor is the biggest Danish supermarket chain, Dansk Supermarked, from where the skyr products have had a tremendous start: During the first months, sales have been rising far above the expected number of sold units.

Skyr is a yoghurt product rich in protein and based on Icelandic dairy tradition. Løgismose is currently preparing the launch of skyr on-the-go in Sweden, and shortly an additional flavour will be launched in Denmark.

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