Attention beer brewers: Nancy awaits you in October!

Attention beer brewers: Nancy awaits you in October!

Salon du Brasseur is just around the corner, taking place on October 20-21 at the Nancy Exhibition Center, France. Make sure to stop by stand A17, to experience the reusable SuperCup, a brand-enhancing game-changer for the beer industry.

The most anticipated event of the year in France for both seasoned beer professionals and enthusiastic amateur brewers is right around the corner, and Berry Superfos will be showcasing our offerings at stand A17.

Here, you will have the opportunity to explore our pioneering SuperCup range. These lightweight, reusable beer-design cups in 25 cl and 50 cl volumes are perfect for serving your brews and other beverages at any type of bar, restaurant, event, or venue. Plus, we can customise the cups with your own brand design and promotional messages. What's more, the robust SuperCups can be washed and reused more than 100 times.

"Designed to be at least 30% lighter than the industry standard for reusable beer cups, the SuperCups are incredibly easy to collect, clean, and handle. The distinctive 'beer' design of the cups not only adds character to your beverages but also makes them easily recognisable. We are excited to discuss the many opportunities with brewers from across Europe at Salon du Brasseur," says Sylvain Guiraud, Area Sales Manager at Berry Superfos.

There is already beer in the SuperCup
The SuperCup is already being used at prestigious events such as the Rugby World Cup, and by renowned breweries like Licorne Brewery and Meduz. They have chosen to have their own logo and design on the cup in razor-sharp quality. Hereby, the cups not only serve as practical drinking vessels but also as effective marketing tools for various events such as festivals, concerts, theme parks, product launches, marketing initiatives, and other celebratory occasions.

While the SuperCup is primarily designed for reuse because it is made from recyclable PP, this ensures easy recycling after its final use. When stacked, the cups occupy minimal space.

We are eagerly anticipating your visit to stand A17, where we can introduce you to the innovative SuperCup and discuss how it can enhance your beverage presentation and promotion. Join us at Salon du Brasseur for an exciting experience in the world of beer!

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