New video: what is the best thing about used plastic?

New video: what is the best thing about used plastic?

In a new video, we show how used plastic can become a valuable resource for you as a producer of non-food products.

Protection of the environment is increasingly becoming an important factor in today’s society. Therefore, you may already be thinking about sustainability in your daily business. The question is: have you found the best solution when it comes to your packaging?

If not, the solution may only be a minute away. In a new one-minute video, Superfos, a Berry Global company, explains how used plastic can help to create top quality pails for your non-food products.

Post-consumer recycled (PCR) plastic is a valuable resource in the circular economy – and potentially your sustainability profile. The use of PCR has many benefits, including the reduction of fossil fuel otherwise needed for producing virgin plastic. At Superfos we can offer minimum 30% in most of our non-food packaging as a standard. In many cases we can offer a much higher degree depending on the application.

Sound interesting? Our PCR products come in many different sizes and forms; perfect for paint, building materials and other non-food products. So please go ahead and watch our video for a quick look at how used plastic can become your valuable packaging partner. 

For more information you can also read and download the below flyer and/or get in touch with your usual Superfos contact.

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