Lighter weight and improved performance

Lighter weight and improved performance

Can you reduce packaging weight and improve its quality? The answer is clearly yes when you ask the dairy company Arla Foods UK after the revamp of a tub from Superfos, a company of Berry Global. See how much less virgin material is now used for the 500g tub filled with a butter blend.

These days, UK’s number one dairy company, Arla Foods UK, rings the changes with a new tub for its popular spreadable butter product sold in the UK under the brand name Anchor. The need for new tooling sparked the renewal, now materialised through tub weight reduction, increased efficiency at the filling line and a new look. Sustainability is intrinsic.

A new tub anchored in sustainability
Jason Forrester works in Packaging Innovation & Optimisation at Arla Foods UK. He points out that the sustainable perspective quickly came up as a key point in the packaging project.

“Admittedly, the driving factor for changing the butter blend tub was the need for improved injection moulding tools. The timing was ideal for re-evaluating the tub and the processes connected to it and Arla Foods UK saw an opportunity to make the packaging more sustainable by focussing on resources and its environmental impact.”

Cut, cut, cut
Previously, the 500g tub weighed 16.0g, now it comes in at 14.7g – that is approximately 9% lighter.

“By cutting the amount of plastic material used for the tub, we reduce not only the packaging weight, but also the carbon footprint linked to the production of the tub and the transportation. A lighter pack leads to a lighter truck which again leads to lower fuel consumption,” Jason Forrester explains.

High performance at the filling line
The change in tooling and investment in new machinery, combined with an increased use of robotics, also mean that previous quality issues are long gone. The new packaging delivers high performance, eliminates breakages and other filling line issues.

Ready for more sustainability
In general, Arla Foods UK is pleased with the Superfos collaboration, particularly the packaging provider’s know-how in sustainability matters.

“The Anchor packaging project run with Superfos is a turning point for us. We also appreciate that Superfos has recently approached us about recycling, requirements for food contact material and a better understanding of sustainability challenges. We are ready for the next level. Arla Foods UK feels confident of meeting present and future sustainability obligations together with Superfos,” says Jason Forrester.

Alongside the weight reduction, Arla Foods UK gave both the 250g and the 500g tub, used for the blend of Anchor butter and rapeseed oil, a new artwork design. The result is a fresher look with a focus on product provenance including a Union Jack. Besides the classic blend, marked with the colours yellow and green, there are two other varieties: an unsalted (yellow and red) and lighter variety (yellow and blue).

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