Chocolate spread stands out in a SuperLock® pot

Chocolate spread stands out in a SuperLock® pot

In Slovenia, the popular chocolate spread Viki has just been re-launched in a SuperLock® pot from RPC Superfos. Already, the new packaging solution has made the spread much more attractive on shelf and sales are making good progress.

Famous for yummy chocolate spread in two colours, brown and white, the brand Viki Duo is currently experiencing positive commercial development in Slovenia. A key factor is the introduction of a new packaging solution from RPC Superfos, the multi award-winning SuperLock® pot in two sizes, 380g and 600g, with a screw lid. Simultaneously, Viki Milk, a new variety in white chocolate with hazelnuts, has been successfully launched.

The screw lid adds value
With the new packaging solution, Branko Rojs, Director of the Slovenian company Petlja, owner of the Viki recipe and trademark, wanted to enhance the brand’s market position by making Viki stand out from other similar products on shelf. This has now been achieved and, when asked what makes the SuperLock® pot so attractive, Branko Rojs explains:

“We are particularly pleased about the screw lid of the SuperLock® pot, the razor-sharp rendering of the artwork design and the packaging sizes; simply perfect for our chocolate spread. Now our products look much more attractive on shelf. It is still early days, but retail sales are making good progress and the outlook is good.”

See-through area for visible content
A cute cartoon character is an eye-catching part of the artwork decoration and, thanks to the advanced in-mould labelling technique from RPC Superfos, any graphic detail is rendered to perfection. In addition, there is a see-through area ‒ a transparent part of the pot ‒ which allows consumers to see the content.

Spread the word: ads, social media and trade fairs
Other than a new packaging solution from RPC Superfos, the re-launch of the Viki chocolate spread is supported by TV commercials and various activities on Facebook and Instagram. Here, consumers make numerous comments and likes, helping to spread the word about the chocolate spread in its new packaging.
In addition, the new attractive packaging has sparked a lot interest at the world’s largest food fair Anuga, Cologne.

Lightweight is good for transportation
Following the trade fair, the first export shipments of the Viki spread have been made. Concerning transportation, Branko Rojs comments:

“As the SuperLock® packing is much lighter than glass, it offers considerable advantages in logistics, especially long distance. We can use our resources for transporting goods, not heavy packaging.”

Durable and apt for multiple re-use
The SuperLock® pot has the added advantage of being very strong and durable, making it popular for re-use once its original contents have been savoured. It is suitable for microwave, dishwasher and freezer, and the screw lid enables easy opening and re-closure. The multiple options for re-use at home have also been a topic of many comments on Petlja’s social media, much to the approval of Branko Rojs:

“The packaging is part of our brand image and it is a plus that consumers also find SuperLock® great for household storage. This allows for more sustainable use which we highly appreciate.”

Working in your local language
Finally, Branko Rojs points out that the cooperation with RPC Superfos has been an upbeat experience – a global packaging provider with a local feel:

“Our business relationship with RPC Superfos is very good and we appreciate the fact that we can speak our local language with our contact person there.”

The Viki Duo chocolate spread has been on the Slovenian and Croatian markets for more than 30 years. Both the famous one in two colours and the new white spread are produced and filled by Vitaminka in Macedonia, the largest food producer in the region.

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