Bornholms’ plastic pack gets Green Idea Prize

Bornholms’ plastic pack gets Green Idea Prize

Reduced food waste, less CO2 emission and increased user-friendliness. On these three grounds Coop, a leading supermarket chain in Denmark, awards its Green Idea Prize 2013 to Bornholms for its new plastic packaging. It is a customised solution especially developed by RPC Superfos.

The major supermarket in Denmark, Coop, has just awarded its Green Idea Prize to a plastic pack used by Bornholms, a Danish market leader in seafood, for its new pack for cod roe. The pack has been developed by RPC Superfos especially for Bornholms and is currently on supermarket shelves all over the country.

The series of four types of plastic packaging with an entirely new oxygen barrier solution replaces metal cans which Bornholms for generations has used for cod roe.

Reduces food waste and CO2
The Green Idea Prize is one of the most important of its kind in Denmark. The jury motivates its decision by stressing the environmental benefits obtained by replacing a metal can with a plastic pack.

“With this solution, Bornholms kills three birds with one stone. The lid makes it easy for the end user to store leftover cod roe directly in the pack which avoids food waste. The more efficient logistic connected to the new pack means that Bornholms contributes with less CO2 emission and the shape and the design of the pack makes it much easier for the end-user to open the pack and take out the cod roe,” says member of the jury, section leader Søren Rahbek Østergaard, Danish Technological Institute.

Unique oxygen barrier
The new plastic pack looks very much like the former metal can which is an important point in respect of customer loyalty, though its most outstanding feature is the extraordinary oxygen barrier. The long shelf life is obtained by using virgin material approved for treatment under high temperatures and for autoclaving together with an embedded barrier label that fully covers the entire pack.

At the end of 2013, RPC Superfos was honoured with a WorldStar award for the customised polypropylene oxygen barrier packaging developed for Bornholms. RPC Superfos warmly congratulates Bornholms with the Green Idea Prize.

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