Paint without dry flakes

Paint without dry flakes

Avoid dry flakes in paint by choosing the innovative solution FlakeFree® from Superfos. It is an award winning add-on for your paint container and lid and enhances any paint job.

97 per cent of professional painters find paint flakes bothersome when they use paint from a container which has been opened before. The paint dries up at the rim and on the lid of the container and paint flakes fall into the paint, resulting in a poor paint quality.

Luckily, there is an innovative solution for paint producers who would like to offer their customers flake free paint no matter how many times a paint container is opened and reclosed. Superfos offers FlakeFree® containers and lids with a granular texture on the inside, which prevents dry paint flakes from falling into the content.

Solves a real problem
FlakeFree® is a unique, award-winning feature developed by Superfos. According to our research that formed the base of this innovative solution, almost all painters encounter problems caused by dry flakes.

FlakeFree® texture eliminates flakes and the irritation they trigger. Another aspect is that is saves a lot of paint since the painters can use all the paint in a container instead of having to throw away remains that have been spoiled by flakes.

By choosing our quality containers with a FlakeFree® texture, paint producers can offer the end users an even higher paint quality and helps to minimise waste.

FlakeFree® is available for various containers and lids appropriate for paint:  SuperCube, SuperFlex and SuperLift. It can also be part of a customised packaging solution.

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