SuperSeal® – PP lid and PP seal

SuperSeal® – PP lid and PP seal

  • Base line
  • Liquid tight
  • Tamper evidence
  • Re-closure
  • Microwave safe
  • Freezing
  • Safe environmental disposal (PP)
  • Total seal

Lid and hermetic seal are combined in our patented PP only packaging solution, SuperSeal®. It is stable and sturdy; it allows for autoclaving and steam cooking - directly in the packaging.

Nothing but PP and lots of benefits. That is what you get when you choose SuperSeal® - our outstanding packaging solution ideal for products like butter, cream cheese, spreadables, pâté and wet pet food. The lid and the seal are two-in-one and can be welded directly onto the container body. This means that you only need two instead of three components and potentially reduce costs.

The lid seal area is ultrathin and the heat-sealed lid opens and closes tightly every time. Consequently, SuperSeal® makes short sealing time possible at low sealing temperatures. You can pasteurise directly in the container. SuperSeal provides for long shelf life and tamper evidence is standard.

Thanks to In-Mould Labelling excellent graphics on any part of the container including the lid give the container an eye-catching appearance on shelf.

Convenience for the end user
Your end-users will appreciate that SuperSeal® is microwave, dishwasher and freezer safe. The superior snap on lid offers a high level of convenience. If you cater for small households that do not finish a pack of your food product within short time you may be interested in our duo-pack: Two minor packages finished one by one at home may help minimising food waste.

At the other end of the packaging’s life cycle, it is easy to recycle because you’re dealing with one material only.

  • Autoclaving and hot filling on the filling line
  • Tight, blister-free seal area
  • Tamper evidence is standard
  • Single material
  • Stable 

SuperSeal in various applications

Shape Rectangular
Volume range 2 x 75 ml - 200 ml
Tamper Evidence Yes
Decoration IML
Protective collar Yes
Combined lid and hermetic seal Yes

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Want to know more?

Birthe Bebe Nielsen
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Berry Superfos
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