Give your food product a packaging made with recycled PET (rPET)

Give your food product a packaging made with recycled PET (rPET)

You can now opt for food packaging solutions from Berry Superfos made with rPET (recycled PET polymer) and in this way save virgin materials.

Berry Superfos is pleased to offer you a range of thermoformed and injection stretch blow moulded food packaging solutions made with rPET, recycled PET (also known as recycled polyester).

The clear benefit of PET as a material is that it is recyclable. If you go one step further than just virgin PET and choose a packaging solution from Berry Superfos made with rPET, you will be able to cut down on the use of virgin materials.

Roland Lingman, Director Sales and Marketing, Berry Superfos Nordic, explains:

“In Europe, PET is one of the most commonly used types of plastic packaging material and, fortunately, also widely recycled. Its stiffness and high transparency are valuable assets. Plus, it has good barrier protection properties. All these qualities remain intact in our rPET packaging solutions, and therefore they are suitable for many different types of food products.”

Part of a bigger sustainability strategy
Increasing the use of rPET is part of the sustainability strategy of Berry Superfos. Read more about Berry Global’s efforts to create a positive environmental impact through streamlined operations, continuously engaged partners, and optimized products here.

A wide range of rPET option
Currently, you have the option to use rPET for a number of thermoformed pots and containers in the following Berry Superfos ranges CombiPac®, CombiRound®, SuperLight®, Spoon-in-lid and DeliPac as well as in our injection stretch blow moulded PET range.

Due to different needs for filling temperature or other product requirements, sometimes rPet (or PET) is not the right choice; other types of polymers may be better for certain products. Simply get in touch with your usual Berry Superfos contact to establish whether an rPET solution is suitable for your food product and we will happily be of assistance.

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