Food packaging facility obtains ISO 14001 certification

Food packaging facility obtains ISO 14001 certification

Recently the Berry Superfos food packaging facility in Corby, UK, obtained ISO 14001 certification to document that the facility works systematically with its environmental performance.

At a central location about a two-hour drive north of London, you will find Berry Superfos’ Corby facility which specialises in food packaging. Already, and for many years, the facility holds quality (ISO 9001) and energy (ISO 150001) certificates, in addition to the BRC Certificate (Grade AA in the Packaging Category High Hygiene).

Now a new document – the ISO 14001 certificate – has been added to the collection. Like the other certificates, it is much more than just a piece of paper. Factory manager of the Berry Superfos Corby facility, James Wigglesworth, explains:

“To excel in environmental performance is a very important priority of Berry Superfos. For example, since 2007 at the Corby facility, we are part of Operation Clean Sweep. Now, with ISO 14001, we officially document that we follow an internationally recognised framework for environmental management and seek for continual improvement of our environmental performance. Our next step in Corby, later this year, will be to achieve the Zero Waste to Landfill accreditation.”

Working to reduce the use of resources  
Berry Superfos runs production facilities all over Europe, many of which already hold the ISO 14001 certification. The overall aim is to protect the environment and climate by reducing waste, energy consumption and raw material consumption.

“As a successful and responsible business, we use our resources efficiently. This applies to energy, water, raw materials, and many other aspects. As part of these efforts, we are also increasing the percentage of reused materials in our raw material mix and are working to keep on reducing the weight of our packaging. This work is an inherent part of our strategy and helps us deliver high-quality packaging solutions as environmentally efficiently as possible,” says James Wigglesworth.

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