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Thank you for coming to the website of Superfos, a Berry Global company. Our solutions are based on sustainable, reusable and recyclable injection moulded rigid plastic containers in polypropylene. We’re happy to share our products and knowledge with you.

Allow us to introduce you to our broad range of liquid tight pots, pails and containers with optional membrane sealing and tamper evidence in all shapes; be it round, conical, cylindrical, square, rectangular or oval. Our standard range consists of EasySnacking, LongLife, HalfMoon, EasyDose, SuperFlex, SuperCube, SuperLift, SuperLock, SuperSeal, SuperLight, UniPak RingSafe, RingLock, Paintainer, Hobbock, UN Series and FlexOpener. Further, customised packaging solutions are among our core specialities.

Especially for you
Our experienced international design teams will work with you to develop the perfect tailor-made packaging for your brand to optimise your shelf display. Examples of our work are strainers for white brined cheese and for prawns in brine, olives, etc. A spoon-in-the-lid for superb convenience, duo-pots and a grid for pots with herrings are other bespoke solutions from Superfos.

Visual Impact
It matters to us how our packaging makes your products look. Therefore we are proud to offer you high quality In-Mould Labelling decoration on our plastic containers including the lid. Take advantage of razor sharp dry offset decoration options and why not select a plastic packaging with superb transparency which provides for see-through areas in the decoration for a view to your products. We offer you a packaging range with endless branding possibilities.

Easy to handle and user-friendly
Plastic packaging from Superfos is synonymous with optimised stackability. Our containers are easy to handle everywhere - with or without content. A range of perfectly designed lids make our pots and containers easy to use. Select features such as snap-on lids, twist-off lids, flex-off lids, screw lids and seal-on lids. Easy opening and re-closure means more convenience for professionals and private users alike.

Considering conversion?
You have come to the right place if you consider a conversion from glass to plastic, from metal to plastic or a conversion from other materials to plastic.

An example of a segment: Paint
We offer you tintability – containers suited for tinting machines. With plastic containers you get no rust, nor any dents. You may also choose a fitted paint tray that makes painting easier. Professional painters will find our SuperFlex containers ideal with FlakeFree texture. A range of handles is likely to include the right one for your product: plastic, steel and steel with roller grip. Why not select a metallic look for luxurious paint?

An example of a segment: Food
For longer shelf life Superfos offers packaging solutions such as SuperLock with an outstanding barrier protection providing for low OTR, oxygen transmission rates. If you are a food producer, you will appreciate our light weight TWP, Thin Wall Packaging, as well as the high level of hygiene that we can guarantee you in our manufacturing. Please check out our ISO quality certificates. On your side, you may choose autoclaving in the filling line and hot filling - or even cold filling of ice-cream. We have pots with good impact strength for ice-cream. Most of our pails and pots are microwave, freezer and dishwasher safe.

Environment – we care
Our containers are ideal packaging solution for the environment. Mono-material packaging where container, insert and lid are made of one single material is an option for easy recycling. One of our latest innovative methods is the co-injection process through which a part of the container can be made of recycled post consumer material. Co-injected plastic containers require less raw material virgin PP and are especially suited for packaging materials.

UN approval
If you need to transport chemicals and similar goods following UN approval procedures we offer you secure and reliable quality containers meeting the UN safety requirements. For solids or liquids, our UN series include UN Hobbock, UN SuperFlex, UN SuperLift Extra, UN SuperSafe.

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