UN Series – for safe transport of special solids and liquids

UN Series – for safe transport of special solids and liquids

  • Base line
  • Liquid tight
  • Tamper evidence
  • Re-closure
  • Re-use
  • UN approved

The transport of some goods requires more attention than others. If you need a UN certified container for chlorine, oil, lubricants, adhesives and the like, you can turn to Superfos. We offer a range of containers all meeting the UN safety requirements for both solids and liquid.

Superfos provides high quality plastic containers meeting the strict United Nations (UN) demands for customers who need to transport their goods following UN approval procedures. They offer you optimal security and reliability.

The UN approved range is specially developed, yet based on our existing packaging solutions. Today, our UN series include:
UN Hobbock
UN SuperFlex
UN SuperCube Square
UN SuperLift Extra
UN SuperSafe 

Approvals in group II and III
As always, you get the benefits from the functional details and the branding options which makes Superfos a sought after packaging provider. With the UN Series you also get UN approvals in group II and III in solids or liquids (for further details, please view back page of product flyer UN Series ).

Oils and lubricants
UN SuperSafe is particularly suitable for oils and lubricants and has a lid solution securing multiple applications, for instance stacking of empty containers after use and visually clear tamper evidence - added without compromising the superior performance and safety level. UN SuperSafe matches performance requirements in the same way as metal does.

Key benefits

  • UN approvals group II and III in solids or liquids
  • Less noise on filling lines
  • Lighter weight for easy handling and transportation
  • Harmonised packaging design
  • Liquid tight

A plicaciones de UN Series

Shape Round
Volume range 3 litre - 32.2 litre
Tamper Evidence Yes
Decoration Dry offset / IML
Protective collar Yes
Handle Plastic / Steel with roller grip / Body grip
Child proof lid Yes for selected containers
UN Group 2 and 3 solids and liquids Yes

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