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  • Innovation improves recyclability of vending cups

    Berry Superfos launches vending cups made only of lightweight PP, allowing recycling of the cups and also reducing the use of virgin material.

  • Berry Superfos plays its part in the growing Foodsharing movement

    The Foodsharing movement, founded in Germany in 2012 to save good food from becoming waste, has grown during the Corona pandemic. For example, in Austria the movement is experiencing a rise in public awareness.

  • Safety first in Kruszwica

    For 10 years now – that is an impressive 3,653 days – a Berry Superfos facility in Poland, has operated without any reportable accidents. This is good news for both customers and employees.

  • Spoon in lid goes bamboo

    A new spoon made of bamboo replaces single-use spoons made of PP in lids for on-the-go food packaging from Berry Superfos. The innovative new spoon comes in two pieces to fit into the lid.

  • Berry Superfos makes significant contribution to Berry Global’s 2020 sustainability success

    Berry Global Group, Inc., the parent company of Berry Superfos, spotlights the whole Group’s many sustainability achievements from fiscal year 2020 in its recently released 2020 Impact Report. The progress is also of benefit to customers of Berry Superfos.

  • Sensational new record in safety

    The Berry Superfos site in Blackburn sets yet another record in safety performance: 8 years without any recordable accidents. This is a key milestone for everyone, including our valued customers.

  • New pot contains a minimum amount of plastic

    Berry Superfos is thrilled to launch a new sophisticated packaging solution: the CombiLight™ pot. It is a resource efficient combination of plastic and natural fibres, cutting the plastic content by 60% compared to other similar solutions. The pioneering lightweight pot is ideal for a range of food products.

  • Off-cuts become items for water purification

    Plastic off-cuts from packaging manufacturing at Berry Superfos are mostly reused on site, but there is inherently some that cannot go back into products. So, this material is turned into countless useful items via a plastic recycling company: for instance, components that biologically purify water used in aquaculture.

  • Dear Customer,

    Season’s Greetings from Superfos! This year-end certainly calls for a huge thanks to you, our customers, for our close, frank and amicable collaboration. It has proved to be utterly important during this most challenging of times.

  • Sustainable food grade packs with recycled content

    The circular economy takes shape and is in your hands too. Food producers can now enjoy top-quality, food approved plastic packaging from Superfos made with recycled material. Several of our facilities hold an ISCC PLUS Certification to document the use of circular materials.

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