Vitax helps gardeners to reduce, reuse and recycle

Vitax helps gardeners to reduce, reuse and recycle

A leading UK gardening company, Vitax Ltd, has reduced the amount of virgin plastic in their packaging by opting for a special SuperLift® pail from Superfos, a Berry Global company. The new strong pail is made from 30% recycled plastic and, when empty, is fully recyclable too.

To many homeowners, gardening is a rewarding pleasure time. It simply feels good to be outside, making sure your plants and flowers are thriving. To this end, slug deterrent and fertilisers are helpful from time to time and, in the UK, Vitax is a leading supplier of this type of garden product.

Gardening and sustainability go hand in hand
As there is an obvious link between gardening and care for the environment, it is only natural for Vitax to source sustainable packaging solutions by introducing a plastic pack made from 30% post-consumer recycled material (PCR). This new sustainable option has been enabled by the SuperLift® PCR pail from Superfos.

Technical & Quality Manager Harvey Bird from Vitax explains:

“Vitax is making a significant effort to reduce the amount of new plastic introduced into the environment. Our customers appreciate that we help to care for the environment – their garden – without impacting too much on the wider environment.  We do this in several ways, and we want to help our customers to reduce, reuse and recycle their waste.  This is where our packaging enters the picture.

“Superfos has greatly helped us here by developing and producing PCR pails for our slug deterrents and fertilisers. We now use a SuperLift® pail from the Superfos PCR range and welcome that the pack contains 30% PCR and can also be fully recycled after use.”

Innovative pack is made from 30% recycled plastic
Vitax uses an 11.3L SuperLift® PCR pail decorated with in-mould labelling, an advanced decoration technique from Superfos. The graphics are top-quality and the Vitax decoration includes a recycle-logo in green highlighting to customers that the pack is made from 30% PCR and is fully recyclable.

When asked to describe the properties of the SuperLift® PCR pail, Harvey Bird is positive:

“The SuperLift® PCR pails are excellent. Their high quality is consistent, and they have a good seal. The decoration looks splendid, and the PCR pails are easily strong enough for the weight we put into them.”

Vitax is a fourth generation, family owned business, and also a long-term Superfos customer. According to Harvey Bird, Vitax is pleased to make the most of Superfos innovations in packaging. He calls the working relationship between the gardening company and Superfos very good. The gardening community would maybe even say flourishing!

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