New yummy Choco Yoco spread is first with high nutritional score

New yummy Choco Yoco spread is first with high nutritional score

Choco Yoco is the first range of chocolate spreads to be both delicious and have Nutri-Score A, the highest nutritional score possible in the Nutri-Score system used in many European countries. Choco Yoco comes in the award-winning SuperLock® pot which keeps the creamy contents fresh for a long time.

Parents can now, in good conscience, treat their children to healthy chocolate and hazelnut spreads on bread, crispbreads and other savoury snacks. Choco Yoco, a new brand in the market, makes this possible thanks to the good nutritional score of the new spreads which are already available in more than 1,000 stores.

The Belgium company behind the brand plans to expand even further throughout Europe with their new healthy yoghurt-based spreads, primarily targeted at kids and their parents.

An innovative product like Choco Yoco deserves an innovative packaging solution. Therefore, Choco Yoco turned their attention to Berry Superfos and opted for the SuperLock® pot.

Alex Helsen, Managing Director at Choco Yoco, says: “I had my eye on the SuperLock® product range for a long time and did not even consider other options. Its high-quality look makes it a perfect match for our Choco Yoco concept. Further, consumers can reuse the pot, for example, as a cookie or fruit container after they have enjoyed the Choco Yoco spread.”

One of the other great characteristics of SuperLock®, making it ideal for Choco Yoco and other food products, is its extremely low oxygen transmission rates which ensures that the spreads stay fresh for a long time on supermarket shelves.

Great taste – and healthy too
So far, the yoghurt-based Choco Yoco spreads come in two flavours: chocolate and hazelnut. They have been very well received by retailers and consumers alike who appreciate their Nutri-Score A.

Nutri-Score is a nutritional rating system, used in many European countries, to help consumers to make healthy food choices and choose the best product in its category. A (Green) stands for ’Good’ and E (Red) stands for ’To avoid’. Chocolate spreads on average get Nutri-Score D or even E, but not Choco Yoco which has an A.

To obtain Nutri-Score A Choco Yoco had to think outside of the box. Alex Helsen explains.

“Through my former experience as co-owner of a traditional chocolate spread factory, I noticed a high demand for healthier chocolate spreads. But it was difficult to find tasty and healthy alternatives to the fat and sugar-based ingredients used in traditional recipes. With Choco Yoco, we have cracked the nut and created a pioneering yoghurt-based chocolate spread that is tasty as well as healthy. And now we have launched it in the SuperLock® pot which makes Choco Yoco highly visible on supermarket shelves.”

A strong partnership continues
The combination of Choco Yoco spreads and the SuperLock® pot is a partnership made to last:

“We are delighted to work with Berry Superfos. They are a very professional partner who has helped us through the entire development process and given our product a personalised look. Further, thanks to the size of Berry Superfos, we have a packaging solutions partner to help us with our long-term growth in the European market,” says Alex Helsen.

Please read more about SuperLock® here:

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