Irresistible cream spreads now on-the-go

Irresistible cream spreads now on-the-go

Consumers with a sweet tooth love Lino Lada cream spreads; so much so that Podravka, the company behind the product line, recently launched on-the-go versions of two delicious chocolate-hazelnut spreads in the EasySnacking™ packaging solution.

Lino Lada is among the most popular cream spread brands in its home market Croatia and in the rest of the Adria region thanks to Podravka’s continued product development. For example, Podravka recently added new on-the-go variants to two of its products: Lino Lada Gold and Lino Lada Duo, both yummy chocolate-hazelnut cream spreads.

Maja Pezelj Stunja, Brand manager at Podravka, says: “Following the rising trend of on-the-go products, we decided to offer our most popular flavours Lino Lada Gold and Lino Lada Duo as on-the-go options. Now, we have successfully launched a very appealing solution that offers consumers an easy way to enjoy our spreads whenever and wherever they like. It is an example of how Podravka achieves growth by continuing to add new products, flavours and packaging solutions to the Lino Lada product family.”

Appealing solution through partnership
Berry Superfos has a track record as Podravka’s packaging partner that stretches back many years during which time the two companies have developed several successful projects together. So, Berry Superfos was an obvious choice for Podravka when they went searching for an on-the-go solution:

“Our goal was to find a practical lightweight packaging solution made with as little material as possible. We found a perfect match in EasySnacking™ by Berry Superfos with an integral wooden spoon. It is, above all, practical and in line with our sustainability plans and need for packaging that is easy to recycle. Further, it has first-class image quality with in-mould labelling on the base and a PP self-adhesive label on top of the lid,” says Renata Tomerlin and continues:

“We find Berry Superfos to be a reliable partner and great supplier of innovative packaging solutions taking sustainability into account. We appreciate that they offer tailor-made solutions, react quickly to our demands and are good collaborators,” Renata Tomerlin says.

Great market response
The market’s response to the new packaging in Croatia is very positive and Podravka is highly optimistic about the prospects for its on-the-go products on the Adria markets, as well as in Western and Central Europe.

Lino Lada cream spread was first launched in 1998. Today, the product range includes five flavours of Lino Lada: duo, milk, nougat, coconut and Gold. All five flavours work wonderfully well as delicious spreads on bread, but are also true treats as fillings in pancakes, ingredients in cakes, toppings for ice cream or simply as confectionery.

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