Feel like a fish in the water in Bremen

Feel like a fish in the water in Bremen

Dive into the world of fish packaging at Fish International 2024 in Bremen, Germany, from February 25 to 27, and discover the excellence of the solutions of Berry Superfos in Hall 5, Stand 5J-18.

Join us at Fish International 2024, a premier event where 320 exhibitors from 27 nations converge with 10,000 trade visitors from over 50 countries. Berry Superfos will be right at home, showcasing the company’s expertise in delivering comprehensive fish packaging systems tailored to meet the unique needs of the industry, with a particular focus on recyclability.

Christoph Kohrt, Sales Manager, Berry Superfos, says:

"At the Berry Superfos stand, you can discover our seafood packaging solutions, offering recyclable HDPE trays in over 250 sizes from 120 ml to 24.4 l. You can choose trays with up to 30% recycled content and opt for non-carbon black trays for enhanced detection by NIR scanners in waste sorting processes, ensuring efficient recycling.

"We are also excited to introduce our new ½ Gastro tray range at Fish International. This range offers our customers all variations of the popular standard tray in almost every colour and five different depths from 40 to 100 mm according to your needs."

Extend product shelf life and optimise logistics
Berry Superfos' fish packaging solutions offer numerous advantages, including extended shelf life through the removal of oxygen during the sealing process and enhanced hygiene, as the trays can be sealed air and drip-proof. Furthermore, they contribute to reducing logistic and storage costs for our customers.

Explore manual and automatised sealing machines
Moreover, at the Berry Superfos stand, you can explore an extensive selection of sealing machines, from small manual models to high-speed automated systems for MAP packing, including skin-pack tray and machine solutions.

The Berry Superfos team looks forward to welcoming both existing and new customers to stand 5J-18 to discuss efficient ways to pack and distribute seafood products while extending the shelf life of these products. See you there!

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