Key figures

Key figures

RPC Superfos is a focused pan-European company offering our customers a broad range of solutions to obtain a uniform packaging display for international markets.

RPC Superfos is organised to serve international corporations and brands and offers a harmonised European range. We have one management and one set of references in a dynamic regionally structured organisation with a strong local presence on all our markets. A focused key account structure ensures our customers the same high service level on all European markets.

Key figures at a glance:

  • 14 production facilities in 9 countries
  • 18 distribution centres (incl. production facilities)
  • 2 joint venture sales offices and production facilities in North Africa
  • 12 sales offices 
  • 2,500 employees
  • 12,000 units produced per minute every day year round
  • 1 million pallets produced, stored and shipped every year
  • More than 50 years at the forefront of packaging design and innovation

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Zbigniew Hryniewicz
Sales Director
Region Central East
Food Poland, Lithuania
Phone: +48 606 819 419

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Wiesława Lusztak
Area Sales Manager
Non-Food Poland
Lubień Kujawski, Poland
Phone: +48 662 228 869

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I’m an industrial classic; as versatile as it gets and extremely easy to open and close. Get to know me better...

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Custom containers promote uniqueness

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RPC Superfos
Head Office
Spotorno Allé 8
DK-2630 Taastrup
General Inquiries
Phone: +45 5911 1110
Fax: +45 5911 1180
Sales Inquiries
Phone: +45 5911 1110
Fax: +45 5911 1180